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Short Term Volunteer Programs, Find What’s Right for You


Many of us are bursting with passion, but have limited time to dedicate to volunteer opportunities. Whether you are a student, professional, or invested in family life, time can be spread thin, and pose as an obstacle when it comes to volunteering…but it doesn’t have to be. There are many quality, immersive, and short-term volunteer programs for every budget, destination, and focus. Discover the best domestic or international volunteer opportunity, that fits your schedule and passion, and set forth on a life-changing, impactful…

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Health Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Despite the uncharacteristically warm weather this season, the cooler temps are creeping in, and with it comes cold and flu season. There are lots of tips and tricks to keeping yourself healthy, even at the first sign of a…

Culture Tips Sips & Tidbits

The Ultimate Halloween Party Prep

Halloween isn’t just for kids, it’s the perfect food-filled-family-fun opportunity for adults too. With trick-or-treating, costume parties, people running around, and candy-filled pillow cases striving to be filled, there’s a lot going on throughout old Hallow’s Eve. The key…


We Stand Together for Anti-Bullying Month

October is anti-bullying month, and it seems that every day a new breaking story of violence or hate floods our news channels. Tensions are running high, and it would be ignorant to not acknowledge the volatile state of our…


Scary Sweaty Halloween Workout

Time to sweat with a not-so-scary Halloween warrior workout, designed for high intensity total body workout. Halloween allows us to be creative, silly, scary, and have some fun dressing up. Whether you have an itty bitty mermaid costume, or…