10 Best Staycation Ideas

Do you notice it too? Everywhere we look it seems a large sense of adventure, travel and wanderlust has captured the milenial generation. We may be 9 to 5’ers, newlyweds, mommy’s-to-be, stressed out lady bosses or all of the above but travel is an essential part of our lifestyle. Yet with that added curiosity comes increased expenses and limited vacation time – so let’s take advantage of that mindset with a creative (and money saving) twist!

Check out our curated list of the BEST Summer staycation ideas for a girl-on-the-go!

Fresh cooked crabs on a rustic background.

1. Host a Crab Boil

Grab your closest friends, some fresh local crab (talk to your markets fishmonger for suggestions), corn on the cob, and potatoes to create a good old fashioned crab boil. Encourage a BYOB beer swap and top your table off with lots of newspaper (or 6 rolls of paper towels)!

2. Bonfires & S’mores

Not ready to take on a full crab boil? Let’s tone it down a notch with some chill vibes, summer tunes, and low-maintenance s’mores. Head to the beach, a campsite, or your backyard and relive your favorite childhood dessert with some melty, gooey deliciousness. An added tip – bring along some Reese’s PB cups to add to your indulgence.


Portrait of spa woman at the health spa3. A Day at the Spa

Spa days can get pretty pricey so be on the lookout for local deals through Groupon or Gilt City to “splurge” on one service like a massage. Head home and extend your pampering with some extra bubbles, bubbly and candles to create your own personal bathroom oasis. A bubble bath, exfoliating scrub, mani/pedi, and avocado mask make for the perfect girls night in.


4. Day Trip & Hotel Tonight

DSC_9663Got an iPhone? Set that baby’s alarm to 6am and hop in the car to venture to a closeby vacation destination – beach, lake, mountain – whatever the place, make an effort to go early, eat local, and explore. The journey is part of the fun! If you’re looking to turn that day trip into an overnight, check out the app Hotel Tonight to find great deals on last minute hotels in the area.

Young Girl Holding A Picnic Basket With Berries, Lemonade And Bread.


5. Picnic with a Playlist

Grab the guitar, pack some snacks and a six pack and hit the park. No park near you? No guitar skills? No problem. Seek out a hidden, secluded spot, your favorite blanket and portable music player – we’ve created a playlist for you!

6. Girl, Get Outside

Take a page out of our GGO girls’ book and get outside! Hike, go for a run, meditate, eat al fresco, walk the dog, sail, swim, tan – the possibilities are endless. Pretend you’re on a destination vacation and try a new activity or seek out a new adventure. Soak up the Vitamin D and get re-energized!GGO_CG1



7. DIY Waterpark

Couple Running Through Garden SprinklerCreate your own waterpark, old school style! Grab a kiddie pool, tarp, soap, sprinkler and you’re good to go! Head to your local Home & Garden center to grab these every day items for some backyard fun. Amp up the day with a BBQ and beers. Remember to grab super soakers and water balloons!


8. Chopped Competition

CQ1912_Chopped-Actors_s4x3Love to cook? Does your friend think she’s better than you? Does your boyfriend have no concept of how much goes into a meal? Grab the good chefs and the bad for this mock “Chopped” competition. Have a panel of judges, mystery food baskets, and a big potluck celebration – including all of the contestants dishes. Check out the rules for additional brainstorming. If you want the simplified version, invite your friends and family over for a “Personal Pizza Cook Off”! Use naan for crust and each person makes a different style pizza with personalized toppings – taste test for the winner!

9. Eventbrite

01-boston-sowa-market-food-truck-seth-nenstiel-photographyOne of the best tools for finding events in your area is Eventbrite! Look for tasting events, rooftop pool parties, 5k’s and more. This is a great tool for getting involved in things you haven’t tried before and learning more about what your city has to offer! Feeling lucky? Enter your location for a list of all events happening near you!



Young woman reading a book lying in a hammock on tropical sandy beach

10. No Tech For A Day

Arguably the most important part of a vacation is turning off your phone and email – quite literally checking out! So who’s stopping you from achieving this right in your own backyard? Grab a book, a refreshing beverage and your beach chair for a relaxing day cut off from the world. R&R + me time = a truly restful vacation staycation.


If you try any of these ideas let us know how it went! Have more? Share them in the comments so we can have some fun too!


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