15 Minutes of Mindfulness

“Give me 15 minutes!!”

Something so simple yet so hard to capture – 15 minutes of head-clearing mindfulness.

Finding that elusive family-work-life balance is hard to come by, and in today’s day and age, we’re all pretty damn busy. As long as the busy-ness is productive, and at most times enjoyable, then there’s sense in your daily life; but there are ways to structure your day with a little “me-no-think” time.amy-poehler-gif

Incorporating 15 minutes of mindfulness is doable and will be a powerful part of your day.

  • Can’t fit in a workout sesh or gym time? Don’t sweat it – get outside, walk the dog, stroll around the block, or take a long walk on the beach. Vitamin D, fresh air and simply moving will help you release tension and ease your mind.
  • Meditate, literally be mindful and turn your thoughts inward for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn off your phone, leave your electronics in the other room, and invite peace into your daysnl-meditate
  • Listen to music. Take your lunch break away from your desk/kids/chaos and put on some jazz/blues/Hozier/Rhye – whatever pulls you in, giving you all the feels. Some studies have shown music can reduce stress and anxiety symptoms like high heart rate and systolic blood pressure.
  • Do you, girl. Take time to do what you enjoy – whether that’s cooking yourself dinner, reading, sewing, or simply having a glass of wine. Make an effort to do it, with no distractions, if only for 15 minutes.

It doesn’t have to be “easier said than done”, if you challenge yourself to do it everyday, it will quickly become part of your routine. If you need help to remind, or even make yourself take 15, then set an alarm- no harm in penciling it in! The most important thing is knowing when to take 5 – or 15 in this case – and make that time for yourself. You’ll feel better because of it.kristin-wiig-bridesmaids-mindfulness

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