How to Drink More Water

It’s no surprise that we’re water drinkers at Cool Gear, but like many people, that wasn’t always the case. Whether it’s the offputting taste of tap water, getting bored with the blandness, or just pure laziness (it’s okay, we get it), sometimes there’s always an excuse to not be drinking “enough water”. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite water hacks that will get even the most stubborn non-h2o’ers on board.

Let’s start with the facts. Why is water not just essential, but super beneficial to us?

  • Hydration is directly linked to brain function, meaning, the less hydrated you are the more your mood, memory and concentration is impaired.
  • Proper hydration helps you stay alert and focused with a clear mind.
  • Staying hydrated fights off headaches and migraines.
  • Water flushes out toxins, allowing you to detox from the inside out – hello clearer skin!
  • Drinking water keeps your digestive and urinary systems running smoothly.
  • Drinking plenty of water increases your total energy expenditure per day, and boosts your metabolism – both aiding in weight loss!
  • Dehydration decreases mental and physical exertion, and increases body temperature and fatigue.

(Find more water facts here and here!)

Photo by: @melissaalux

Photo by: @melissaalux

Now are you ready to gulp down 64 oz of H2O? We thought so. Try out the water hack that suits you best, and get ready to drink more water!

  1. Ticket to Flavor Town: Sometimes you just have to give in and quote Guy Fieri, right? Whether you like intense flavor drops, or mild citrus notes, squeeze to your liking. Our Infusers and Aquaburst are perfect flavor companions for dull tasting water.

    Photo By: @strnadovaa

  2. Big Gulps: If you’re a one & done type person who likes to nail things out in one shot, then a big strategy deserves a big partner: Our line of 62.5 oz bottles keeps drinks colder for longer and knows how to hang until you’re finished.
    Photo by @bbgswimmer

    Photo by @bbgswimmer

  3. Time Check: Just like your job, family, relationships, and hobbies, you need to hold yourself accountable. Drink a full glass when you wake up, at each meal, in between meals, and before bed. Spacing it out on a schedule will become part of the routine.
    Photo by: @getfitwithbrittany19

    Photo by: @getfitwithbrittany19

  4. Stay Cute & Stay Sassy: Choose a water bottle that speaks to you! Something that represents who you are, or what you like will quickly become part of your fashion statement; your latest accessory will be part of your everyday catwalk.

    Photo by: @lifeinspireddesigns

Tell us your H2O tips, sips & tidbits in the comments section, and be sure to share your #coolgear photos with us on social!


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