Throw an Awesome Oscars Party

Awards season isn’t just a time for Hollywood to get rowdy – the viewers have a major part in setting the stage for the winners; the shows and movies have been shown in theaters, living rooms, and ‘netflix & chill’ moments throughout the world. With the highest honors being held this Sunday at the Academy Awards, we, the audience, get to enjoy all the fashion, jokes, viral moments, and wins that occur throughout the night. Throw an Oscars themed bash for a fun, sassy girls night in!

  • Invite Your Best Gal Pals. The more the merrier in the fight against Sunday Scaries; so invite your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and anyone willing to sass things up for this year’s Oscars.
  • Dress to Impress. It’s always fun to play dress up. Put on your sparkliest (or most comfortable) dress, and sashay down the red carpet. And on that note, don’t forget to roll out your “red carpet”.
  • Red Carpet Revamped. Fabric stores can carry affordable materials to help you create a makeshift red carpet. Some alternative ideas would be to line your entranceway with golden balloons, have small, glittery luminaries, or gold, cutout “Hollywood” stars leading the way.
  • Have a Photo Booth! Paint a large frame gold, add tons of balloons, and get your red carpet moment. Photo props always take a good booth to the next level, so have fun, DIY oscar props to make your guest smile.

    Photo by Celebrations at Home

  • Sip Champagne & Strawberries. Thank you Pretty Woman for letting us know that strawberries brings out the flavor of champagne, we now feel oh-so-classy.
  • Cast Your Votes. Grab an easy printable and have your guests fill out the ballot with their guesses during the pregame. The person who has the most accurate ballot at the end of the night wins a swag bag filled with little treats, i.e. lip gloss, make-up wipes, nail polish, cookies, etc.
  • Potluck Winnings. Tell guests to whip up their best, and justifiably famous, recipe…BEST guac, BEST sangria, BEST spinach artichoke dip… wait what were we talking about? We’re hungry. Hand out little, golden statues designating each person’s winning title at the end of the night! Learn how to make them fast & easy here!
  • Watch it Live. Obviously, the most important part is to catch every moment of who wore what, who said this, who won that, etc. The peanut gallery is out in full force, so enjoy every minute of it!

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