How To Have the Best Coachella Weekend Ever

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, a lot goes into planning the perfect trip to Coachella. The festival (literally) sets the stage for the perfect venue, stunning backdrop, and cool vibes to come together for a cultural and musical experience. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips to set yourself up for the best Coachella weekend ever.

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time:

There are a lot of people to see, bands to hear, and things to eat at this three-day extravaganza, so it’s best to know your priorities ahead of time. Take the time to listen to all the artists and bands playing at the festival; some you’ll know, others you’ll come to love, and some you won’t mind missing out on. Organize your own set list in advance so you know which artists you simply-cannot-miss, and which stage you have to be at and when! This will prevent any lost music & wasted time on the day of, allowing you to get the most musical bliss out of your experience.

Same thing goes for after parties and food vendors; there will be great events on and off site, so make sure you check out the Sponsors & events list ahead of time.

Be Early:

It will be crowded – so expect long wait times, and accept the long wait times. Parking, campgrounds, festival lines – everywhere you go it will be crowded. Try to reserve a locker for your things in advance, and same goes for campgrounds etc. Despite long days, and even longer nights, try to get yourself out of bed early – you’ll thank yourself later.

Coachella-Cool-Down-1Dress to Impress the Weather(wo)man:

The desert is a tricky place – extreme heat during the day, and cool temps at night make it a challenging destination to pack for. That being said, you will be much happier if you pack that extra jacket and scarf, as to avoid the shivers. Additionally, the wind can be treacherous at times, so be sure to pack sunnies and a scarf to avoid breathing in all of the dust!

If you take one tip from this post let it be this: dress comfortably! Coachella can turn into a festival-inspired runway, which is fine as long as you are comfortable and can dress up/down with the weather. Don’t be the person who gets “too sceney” and looks like they got trapped in a 70’s junkyard closet! Check out our go-to makeup look, and lastly, wear comfortable shoes!

Dehydration is Real:

cool gear water bottleWe aren’t kidding about those hot temps – the average high hovers around 90˚F so taking care of yourself and hydrating is a must. Bring a reusable water bottle, small spray bottle to spritz yourself & friends, and chapstick. Listen to your body and take water breaks when needed – this weekend is a marathon, not a sprint!

Drink Responsibly:

Be safe, be smart, and have fun. We get it, Coachella is a party. Good music, good people & good vibes – you deserve to have fun! Stick to the basics, don’t take drinks from strangers, don’t leave beverages unattended, and don’t overdo it. No one wants to miss out on everything by being the person who made their friends babysit them!

Aside from rehydrating make sure you have some hangover tricks up your sleeve; advil, vitamin B complex, and coconut water are good accessories to pack in the bag.

Enjoy the Music:

That’s what it’s all about right?! Discover new artists, new music, and meet some cool people along the way. Take it all in and enjoy the experience; in big festivals like this, it’s easy to get caught up in the little things that aren’t part of the plan, or going your way. Accept that this will happen at some point during the course of your weekend, and make the most of it.

Coachella-CoolDown-2Find Good Resources:

Aside from this list, there are lots of good resources at your disposable, looking to make you have the best experience possible. Check out the FAQ section on Coachella’s website, explore the forum board, and ask event personnel questions at the event itself.

Lastly, be safe and have fun! Oh, and maybe take Monday off…twelve hours of music and party vibes in the sun, times three, is enough for anyone to take an extra day off. 🙂

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