Hey Mom, Here’s 5 Things to Do When the Kids Go Back to School

The summer sun is setting and the end is in reach for busy, tired, Mom’s ready for a break when the kids head back to school. After almost ninety days of pure, kid-approved, summery fun, it’s time for first day outfits, new pens and books, and running to the bus stop. For mom and dad, this means, no more activity pick up schedules, midweek sleepovers, sand-filled cars, or the constant buzz of a house filled with children. In essence, this means a midday break for most parents of school-aged children, and we’ve got you covered with the first things “to do” when the kids go back to school.

  1. mom-things-to-do-when-kids-go-back-to-school-2Enjoy the Noise (or lack thereof). Turn up the stern to your favorite song, not a kid’s song, or Tay Tay on repeat – play it loud and play it proud. Or better yet, sit down, listen carefully, and enjoy the noise of silence.
  2. Go for a run/walk with the girls. Take time to exercise for yourself without having to worry about play dates, camp pick ups, snack time, etc. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and take your workout to the outdoors. Jog, run, hop, or skip your way through your favorite route, simply get moving and enjoy your personal me time.
  3. Get a mani/pedi. Okay, we know. Cliché. But that’s alright – spoiling your hands/feet/heart/soul is great way to hit the refresh button and add some extra confidence to the other parts of you outside of the “mom” role.
  4. Have a lunch date. Whether it’s with your hubby, friend, the girls, or yourself – treat yo-self to a midday break without having to do the dishes.
  5. Sleep in. Yep, we said it. We understand you may have wake up duty, or jobs to get to – but if you can swing it, let Dad or Grandma take over one morning. Snag an extra 30 minutes of interrupted sleep, and decompress after the summer chaos.

If possible, try to accomplish a new one of these “refreshers” during the first week back; enjoy a mini “staycation” kids-free during school hours; regardless, of what you are able to fit into your schedule, make sure to always have 15 minutes of “me” time carved into your day. Keep your sanity and take care of yourself, allowing you to have more openness and love for those around you as well.


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