5 Ways to Honor World Water Day

1. Be Thankful & Thoughtful. Be grateful for the water you have and let World Water Day serve as an important reminder for the ways you can reduce your “water footprint.” From shaving a few minutes off your shower time to turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and washing your hands, every action counts and sets an example for those around you. Develop a greater appreciation for the planet and our natural resources by finding out where your water comes from (hint: it’s not the tap!), using the Nature Conservancy’s online tool: Source of You.


14659930594_f5fb1db100_k2. Support the Cause. There are so many ways to get involved and to make a positive impact. Check out your favorite companies and see what they’re doing to support the cause. At Cool Gear we’re donating $1 to water.org for every item purchased through our website all weekend long. Other great organizations to support include Water for Good, Blood:Watercharity: water, and The Water Project, among many others!

3. Get the Facts. Be in the know about the issues, causes, and impacts on communities around the world. Water.org’s overview of the water crisis is a great resource and a good place to start. Gaining that knowledge will deepen your understanding and strengthen your connection to the cause, as well as enable you to educate those around you and extend the impact through a ripple effect around.


26035880744_fcebdb390a_k (1)4. See the Impacts. Visuals go a long way in aiding our understanding, particularly when the issue goes unseen in our daily lives. Press pause on your current streaming binge and opt for a documentary or docu-series that provides a window into the water crisis. Check out RiverBlue, The Memory of FishANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, and Flow: For Love of Water.

5. Spread the Word. Get involved in the way that best suits your lifestyle – whether it’s sharing the message through social media with #WorldWaterDay or taking part in a fundraising or educational event. You can find a comprehensive collection of resources and events on worldwaterday.org


All photos in this post credited to water.org.

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