7 Best Mother’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Brunch

Every year there seems to be a few holidays that sneak up on us, Mother’s Day being one of them. And while ideally we show love and gratitude to our moms’ everyday, this is the opportunity for us to bend over backwards, do the cooking and cleaning, and let mom put up her feet. Aside from catering to her every whimsical need, it’s nice to have a thoughtful idea or event planned allowing you to spend time together.

Get Pampered: Mani/pedi’s and spa days may be the old stronghold, but there’s a reason for it – sitting back, tuning out, and thinking about nothing in silence is a treasured moment for mom. Let her enjoy it.Mother's day spa day

Namaste with Mom: A lot of yoga studios offer mother’s day specials for mom’s to get a free class; start the day right with some stretching, serenity, and peace of mind. In addition to yoga, many studios in general offer a free class on mother’s day as an opportunity to kickstart the day right!

Take in the Views: Go on a hike, walk, run – something outdoorsy with a great view. Harbor walks, hikes in the canyons, beach strolls, anything goes when it comes to finding the perfect photo backdrop.

Sip & Sail: If you live near the ocean or a lake, renting a captained sailboat is an awesome idea for the whole family; bring some bubbly, enjoy the sea breeze, and the gentle sway of the boat.mother's day sailing

Farmer’s Market Exploration: Visit your local farmer’s market for fresh fruits, nearby vendors, hidden gems, local artists and more. Yes, mom could potentially get lost in a whirlwind of stalls with too much to look at, but we can guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Cooking without the Cleaning: Many restaurants, adult education centers, or even Sur la Table offer cooking classes with unique pairings, celeb chef teachers, and more. It’s a great opportunity to come together to cook something different, and not have to clean up after!

When All Else Fails…Wine: Or beer for that matter. Wineries or breweries are fun outings to learn a little, taste a little more, and simply let loose. Find local brewers near you or small secluded vineyards; they may be offering mother’s day specials.mother's day wine

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