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Girl, we get it. Some days have you going from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. with barely any time to recuperate between work and play and other responsibilities. This week, we caught up with Sara Smith and Ashley Boucher from Art of Style, an image consulting firm specializing in functional fashion for the workforce wardrobe. The leading ladies share what’s in their bags, their go-to pieces, and the best fashion advice they know!

Ashley and I met in 4th grade and since then have grown to be best friends, soulmates and now business partners…we even lived in a one-bedroom loft together for almost a year (the ultimate test of friendship). Our styles and personalities vary greatly, Ashley is glamorous and I’m simple; she carries half the world in her bag (which has saved me many times) while I always strive to have as little as possible. I have vivid memories of Ashley traveling everywhere with several bags – vacation, school, work, it didn’t matter, the girl was always prepared!whats-in-my-purse

What’s in Sara’s Bag:

I normally carry a black leather tote, black backpack or a small saddle colored cross-body bag for daytime/nighttime shenanigans. When investing in a nice tote or purse I recommend choosing one that comes in a classic color and shape; save the crazy colors and patterns for less-expensive trendy

  1. Mineral Powder & Brush: T-Zones get oily throughout the day, so having a translucent powder and a puff in your bag will help keep the shine at bay. Also great for touch-ups during the summer months or before a meeting.
  2. A Small Pouch: An organizational dream that will keep all of the “little things” from flying around in the inside of your purse. I keep my headphones, gum, pens and chapstick/lipgloss inside.
  3. Buxom Plumping Lipgloss: You never know when you’ll need a dab of color for a meeting, date night or night out with the girls. Try to keep the color neutral and versatile.
  4. Business Cards & Wallet: Girl Boss Essentials.
  5. Small Notebook: Ideas, check lists, and small reminders are quick and easy to have on hand.
  6. Mini Lint Roller: For all my fellow all-black-everything-wearing chicks out there, this is a must.

ashley-boucher-jean-jacketFavorite go-to piece: a short-sleeve jean jacket I recently bought at Gap – it has been the perfect summer layer. I wear it with a tight black dress for a casual dinner or pair it with jean shorts to put a little spin on the good ol’ Canadian tuxedo. Ashley has it as well – old habits die hard and we still tend to buy the same pieces (aka I have her “go-to” piece as well, see below).

Best fashion advice: As hard as it is, try your best not to compare your style to others. Everyone has a different personality, lifestyle and job with different clothes to match. Side note: I am obsessed with my electric fabric shaver – if you wear sweaters and don’t have one, you NEED one.

What’s in Ashley’s Bag:

  1. Tea Tree Oil: If you are sensitive to perfumes try dabbing an essential oil on your neck instead.
  2. Too Faced Melted Nude Lip Gloss
  3. Toothbrush Kit: If not a small toothbrush kit, Colgate Wisp’s are a great alternative.
  4. Notebook & Pen: Journaling is said to reduce anxiety and stress, so keep a notebook around to jot your thoughts down on the go.
  5. Measuring Tape: This one is for the clients. A stylist essential.
  6. Tide-to-Go Wipes: For life’s mishaps. You wouldn’t believe how many times these have saved me.
  7. Multiple Lip Sticks: Calling all divas! I personally love to play with different color lipsticks (depending on my mood) so I always have an array of colors in my purse.
  8. Headphones: A must for music lovers and phone talkers.
  9. Mary Kay: I <3 Black Mascara.
  10. Business Cards
  11. Magazines: You never know when you may have a moment to flip through a few pages so I like to keep at least one magazine with me at all times. Read a few pages during your lunch break or while you are waiting to get your car washed.


Favorite go-to piece: My favorite go-to piece is a pair of loafers by Licia Florio that I got while studying abroad in Italy (sold online as well). They are slip ons, and ultra comfortable. The black leather looks chic and loafer style is right on trend for the current business casual athleisure look my clients are coveting. They keep me casual, but still give off a sense of sophistication.

Best fashion advice: Before hitting the stores, take inventory in your closet and go shopping with a plan that maps out what you need. This will make building an interchangeable wardrobe much easier and keep you from curating a closet of “sameness.”

Art of Style specializes in working with business professionals who want to develop their workforce wardrobe, as well as take their personal attire to the next level. Utilizing an honest approach, we work closely with our clients to curate a sophisticated, classic wardrobe with an innate elegance and modern twist. Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge for defining individual style, as well as to empower our clients to look and feel confident while fulfilling their own definition of success.

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