Autism Awareness Month: #MakeWaves Fundraiser by Kristyn Roth

We all get that pull – the desire to deliver some good in this world, to leave a footprint, to create our own ripple effect.

Simply put, we want to make a difference.

I want to #MakeWaves in the Autism Research community, and let the awareness spark shine bright. Supporting the Autism community has always been important to my family and I because my younger brother is autistic, and has been making waves since day one. He continuously snags the “best kid ever” award, and has this superhero ability to charm people within thirty seconds of meeting him. So while I may need his help more than he needs mine, I wanted to share my voice to the conversation that’s finally happening in a major way.

This April, I will be launching the Make Waves fundraising campaign in support of Autism Speaks, and the research, education, and awareness they ignite through their program. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we will be raising money though eCommerce and Brand partnerships, direct donations, and events; additionally, all of the money raised will be matched by a private non-profit, effectively doubling our efforts.

I hope to shine a light on the amazing community that’s already been built, and inspire those to be a part of the future. This fundraiser offers an opportunity to break barriers and tear down stereotypes; to deliver truthful education, and see what happens when we come together to support each other. Because like most things in life, it’s easy to make a quick judgement, but it’s an entirely different thing to look at the big picture.

And when I look at the Autism community, I do not see the negative; I acknowledge the challenges but I see the people. I see the social butterflies, and the quiet thinkers, the determined athletes and the tirelessly diligent students. I hear moments of frustration, full-bellied laughter, and barriers being broken. I witness some impressive dance moves, artistic talent, and powerful moments of pride. I feel the best, most genuine hugs, and am hit with the full force of love and appreciation.kristyn and derek make waves 2

I believe in the value of our individuality, the nuances that make each of us tick just a little bit differently; I believe in the good that this brings through open minds and open hearts. I believe that being “different” is a good thing.

I love someone with autism, and without him, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today;  because through his eyes, I’m able to see the world differently. He’s already changed the world, I’m just trying to keep up.

Discover how you can get involved and #MakeWaves today!

kristyn and derek make wavesKristyn is a co-founder of KoaWare, an easy-to-use, customizable Real Estate Marketing platform that generates new leads and sells listings faster. She also founded 21 fish., a boutique marketing agency that helps brands make a splash through creative Brand Marketing strategies. She’s a fitness enthusiast, avid yogi, amateur-wannabe-chef, seafood loving-pig-obsessed-green-juice-drinking foodie, and relapsed workaholic who can usually be found in a bikini. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter, & be sure to #MakeWaves!


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