Back to School Makeup & Skin Refresh by Amber Rae Beauty

back to school

Going back to school gives us so much promise. You can essentially start over – you can improve your grades, be more involved in activities, not play hooky….and nourish your skin after letting it get beaten up by the summer sun the last few months. Creating and sticking to a routine will help improve the appearance, texture and all around health of your skin, while providing comfort in a time when everything is moving at lightning speed around you. We wear makeup most days, so we should be taking very good care of our canvases with quality products and making sure we are drinking tons of water and sleeping. A bunch of things that can be tough when you’re in school, but trust me, your face will thank you!

In today’s video I show you an easily achievable makeup look for going back to school that requires some pretty bare bones items – a BB cream, concealer, mascara, some bronzer (and highlighter if you’re a glow junkie like me) and a perky lip color. They will even out your base and help to give your face some life without looking like you spent an hour getting ready – cause in reality, you jumped out of bed 15 minutes before you had to leave and also desperately need time to make coffee. When you are balancing commuting forty miles round trip, working a couple jobs and are a full-time student you have to have priorities, and taking care of yourself should be up there on the list. Whether that’s by wearing makeup, or taking a bubble bath, reading for pleasure or taking time to hang out and really enjoy time with other humans in your life, YOU time is essential. Creating this back to school look and chatting about skincare clearly brought me back to my own college days, so please let me impart some wisdom, dear reader: You will make it through, stronger, have a more inquisitive mind and will be ready to make changes in this world. Let your skincare routine be the start of that change.back to school -make-up-amber-rae-beauty-3

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