How to Have the Best Warped Tour Ever!

warped tour

Festivals help define the summer experience for music lovers everywhere, instilling youthfulness, good vibes, and unlocking secret dance moves. Plan ahead with helpful tips to have the best possible music-loving experience at Warped Tour. You’ve already got the makeup and hair tips marked off courtesy of Amber Rae Beauty, now it’s time to check off the rest of your prep list to make the day a guitar-smashing success! 

Know ALLLLLL The Details: Good thing we sponsored  Warped 101! All of the FAQ’s, concert rules, offers, and expectations are listed and useful to look over in advance.

Be A Set List Magician: Know who’s playing when and at what stage – trust us, you’ll thank us later. Highlight a loose itinerary of the bands you want to see, and write down a list of set times and locations. This eliminates the need to figure out who you want to see and last-minute decisions of pushing through crowds to get to the other side of the venue. Check the stage guide to get started! 

Plan your Mode of Transportation: Determine who’s driving, dd’ing, lyftin’, taking the train, etc. ahead of time. You don’t want to be scrambling last-minute for a responsible driver, or parking information the day of.

Take Care of Yourself: Pack sunscreen and stay hydrated! Cool Gear will have Hydration Stations throughout the venue grounds for you to fill up your water bottle, or purchase one of our exclusive 2016 Warped Tour coolgearcans™. Drink a bottle of water every hour to stay properly hydrated, as you will be sweating, dancing, excited, or all of the above.

Good Vibes, Good People: Surround yourselves with friends who are there to enjoy the music and have a good time; be positive and remember that everyone is there for the same reason – to feel the music!

Pack Lightly: Bring a small backpack packed with essentials to better the day; we already covered sunscreen and water bottles, but some other items would be, homemade snacks, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a hat! Check Warped101 for more details on what you can and cannot bring!

And lastly, the perfect cliché, have fun!!



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