2016’s Best Workout Motivators

The time for excuses has come and gone.

Now that 2016 is in full swing, we are ready to take our fitness regime to the next level. There are amazing tools, free & paid, available for all fitness levels looking for that extra burst of motivation. Because, in reality there are some days we just can’t fake it enough to find a reason to exercise. With these amazing communities and platforms, you’ll find that working out simply becomes part of your routine, on your journey towards your best you yet! Check out our top 5 workout motivators for 2016.

1. ClassPass: This month-to-month membership program grants access to unlimited group fitness classes to different gyms and studios in your area. You’re able to try a variety of studios, new classes and workouts, and make new friends along the way – we can’t say enough good things about being a CP fanatic, so join the club! (PS, all your favorite big wig studios are on here too – FlyWheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, Corepower & more!)

classpass               classpass 2

2. Tone It Up: #TIUgirls rule the online fitness community, and for good reason! Trainers, Karena & Katrina have created a healthy, active lifestyle program focused around at-home workouts, healthy eating, and a strong support system – your peers!

tone it up

3. Nike Training Club: #NTC is taking free fitness to a whole other level with the top trainers in each city leading these coveted classes; bootcamp, run club, and hiit sessions that bump to the beat of loud music. Powerful, motivating instructors and a cool setting (aka the Nike store) are a plus! And even better? There’s an app for that.


4. Barry’s Bootcamp: There’s a reason they call it “the best workout in the world”. While this ultimate bootcamp has a stereotype of being intimidating, it’s actually incredibly motivating and empowering thanks to amazing pumped up trainers, and enthusiastic peers. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, you sweat { a LOT}. Yes, you have angry thoughts towards your trainer when you hear the words “dynamic mode”. BUT, the workout, community, and results keep you coming back for more.

barry's bootcamp

5. Achieving Balance: This popular instagram account turned workout app was created by aussie babe, Tanya Poppett. She creates high intensity, calorie blasting workouts to do at home. And let me tell you, real girls sweat! Own it, work it, and kick butt. You got this!

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