Black Friday Survival Guide: How To Avoid Stampede Status

Black Friday

Black Friday used to just be the “day after Thanksgiving”.

Over the years, it has morphed into a legendary mad-dash race, and at times an all out stampede on the home front. It flickers dollar signs, saved and spent, for consumers and retailers alike, and instills fear in the hearts of the wary ones. Yet somehow, that new curved flatscreen TV and your kids happy faces ogling over their new toys slowly makes the day’s chaos begin to dissipate, the traumatic memories fade, and all seems worth it and well. Black Friday offers steals, deals, and gets very very real, if you don’t properly prepare; so check out our Survival Guide to get you in the mood this Holiday Shopping Season.

The 3 P’s

Prepare… “The List”

What do you need/want/wish/desire?

Better yet, what would you be willing to risk getting some scratches, bumps, and slight bruises for?

Once you know what you need, it’s time to educate yourself; know what deals are out there, what starts when, and how much you’ll actually be saving that day versus the rest of the season. Many retailers seem to start the Holiday selling season earlier and earlier, with deals starting as soon as November 1st; additionally, some retailers offer many of the same prices online, allowing you to avoid the rush. Do your research!

Plan… The Attack

Plan the route of stores; know what opens when and where you have your best chances of getting what you want. For example, many doorbuster deals feature limited quantity items where a store may only have 10 units in stock, meaning if you aren’t camped out at the front of the line it’s pointless. Know your strategy and commit to the time you’re willing to spend in lines; focus on the items with the largest savings that may not have the same kind of deals later on in the season and map it out accordingly.

Some retailers even offer store maps showing where products will be located – avoiding the stress of confusion as to why the PlayStations are in the produce section! Check out Target’s store map here.

Black Friday

Purchase… The Goods

First and foremost, stay civil! These are other human beings you’re racing around with who deserve the same care and respect that you do (let’s abolish the stereotype of years past)!

We’d like to remind you to adopt the “get in and get out” method here. You’ve prepared, planned, and know what to do; don’t dilly-dally or stray from your must-have necessities, you’ve got this girl!

Make sure you stay hydrated and energized during the chase – pack a cooler with some healthy snacks and CG water bottles to keep you motivated throughout the day.

And last but not least, enjoy those smiles when your gifts are received. 🙂

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