Breast Cancer Awareness All Year Long

Breast Cancer Awareness All Year Long

October is a wonderful month for Breast Cancer awareness, research & education, and fundraising. Communities unite, stories are shared, and heroes continue to inspire those around them; this, must not be forgotten when the clock ticks November 1st. Breast health, exams, and education should be a priority year round for those that have a family history, or are at-risk. Continue to self-check and raise awareness for your loved ones. We’ve come so far against fighting this disease, and continuing to spotlight it can only further our attack.

There are so many causes to rally against and diseases to battle that there are times one may feel overwhelmed at how to contribute or act. It all comes down to education and awareness; listen to your body and don’t ignore something that seems “off.” Being proactive, taking care of yourself, and regularly visiting your doctor is the best way to take control of your health. At Cool Gear, we encourage you to continue educating yourself, living a wonderful healthy & active lifestyle, and finding your “happy” everyday. Breast Cancer Awareness All Year Long

We support many causes that are special to our family, and will continue to share ways to help, support, & get involved with our fans. Visit our online store to snag the wonderful women in your life a CoolGearCan or a Ripple Bottle in support of BCRF; we will continue donating 10% of proceeds to the foundation throughout 2015.

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