Cassie B Proves We All Can B Strong + Turkey Day Workout

Cassie B - B Strong, B Well, B Bold - Turkey Day Workout

As a full-time fitness professional, especially being female, I had to accept long ago that my body is under constant scrutiny. In this field, your body is your best advertisement. While I wish my B.S. in Kinesiology (exercise science), and my in-depth knowledge of human biomechanics and physiology attracted clients, the reality is that people really only look at the surface to decide whether or not they trust you on their journey to looking slim, sexy and strong. This intense pressure could easily create an obsession with my appearance; but fortunately, I’m strong enough, both physically and mentally/emotionally, to feel 100% confident, (okay, if we’re being real it’s probably more like 94% confident), with my body and my lifestyle.

ICassie B - B Strong, B Well, B Bold - Turkey Day Workout grew up dancing, which helped me develop an appreciation for the capabilities of my body rather than the look of it. This is how I view everyone else’s bodies as well, and has become a mission of my brand, Cassie B Strong. Instead of judging your own or someone else’s appearance, I want people to see that just getting moving- whether it’s with power, speed, agility, strength, balance, isolation, intensity – or any skill for that matter is an incredibly inspiring and beautiful thing.

Movement is so much more than a way to burn calories, sculpt muscle or train to win. Moving allows the body to encompass what the soul cannot always express through words. A person’s preferences in physical activity insinuate many character traits they possess, but observing the way they move while participating in those activities exposes you to the emotions hidden deep in their soul. So why are we more focused on the fact that they have a back roll hanging out of their sports bra?

To shift our focus from our appearance to our contentment; to use the pursuit of happiness instead of the pursuit of perfection as our motivation; to gauge success by our sense of fulfillment rather than our ability to fit into a smaller size, that is to B Strong. So go ahead – shake your assets in Zumba! Sprint down the sidewalks of Commonwealth Ave! Punch the heavy bag like it were your pompous manager! Hit the squat rack until the weight of the worlds seems manageable.

Cassie B - B Strong, B Well, B Bold - Turkey Day WorkoutIn a society that gets uncomfortable with expressing emotions, use movement to experience your emotions. B Strong, B Well, B Bold. Those are the ideals I chose to represent Cassie B Strong. To allow yourself to move in a way that helps you experience your emotions is to B Strong. To not suppress your emotions is to B Well. To be both strong and well empowers you and gives you the confidence to live boldly.

How do you like to move? Grab your friends and family this Turkey Day and get movin’ with this awesome pre-stuff-your-face 15 minute workout!

Cassie B - B Strong, B Well, B Bold - Turkey Day Workout

Warm up: Leg & Booty Flow 
5 1-leg hip hinges, 5 leg extensions, 5 reverse lunges.
Perform 3x through on 1 side, then switch to other side with no rest.
Circuit 1: complete ea. exercise, in order, 3x through, w/ minimal rest.
A) Ladder: 1 Jumping jack, 1 Plank Jack, 2 Jumping Jacks, 2 Plank Jacks, 3 of each, etc. up to 5 & back down again
B) 10 Tricep Dip + Knee Tucks (on chair – put the chair against a wall so it doesn’t move!)
C) 5 Sumo squats, 5 Frog jumps; 4x nonstop
Circuit 2: complete ea. exercise for 45sec, w/ 15sec rest/transition to next movement; 3x through.
A) Lunge combo: step front to lunge, step back to lunge, jump & switch, repeat.
C) alternating side lunge w/ step together. Leg you step on bends to 90 degrees, other leg stays straight.
Cassie B - B Strong, B Well, B Bold - Turkey Day WorkoutCassie Brown (AKA Cassie B., AKA Killer Cass, AKA The Tiny Assassin) completed her B.S. in Kinesiology & Public Health at UMass Amherst. After earning a slew of certifications, she moved to Boston where she currently works as a full time Fitness Professional. Her mission is to build bridges over the barriers that hold people back from discovering that sense of accomplishment and empowerment within themselves, so that every individual has the opportunity to feel alive, strong and confident in their own skin. Follow along on her blog, or on Instagram!

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