#CGroadtrip Winner Announcement & Wrap Up

If you’re lucky, you’ve experienced that moment when you’re in the midst of it all, and you know it will stay with you forever. In some instances it’s life-changing; in others, it’s a fleeting sense of perfection to remember always. Maybe you’ve felt this on multiple occasions… or maybe it’s out there, patiently waiting for your arrival.

Whatever the case may be, grab it when you see it; hold tight when you feel it, and be damn sure to remember how its energy comes alive within you. Give in to the moment, and carry it with you from that point forward.


That, is how I’ve felt for the last eighteen days during my #CGroadtrip; from the moment I left Boston, to the time I shuddered to a stop in Laguna Beach, I knew this experience was special. Now don’t get me wrong – while there were many indescribable moments of awe and bliss, there were definitely still blips of annoyance and hangry-ness – I’m looking at you Birmingham, Alabama (how do restaurants not open until 11 am; breakfast, helllooooo?!).

Despite the “blips”, I got it. I truly understood why everyone said ” you must do this at least once in your life.” And while the younger generations value instant gratification and ease, I urge you to focus on your growing sense of wanderlust. Capitalize on your curiosity by cashing in on these beautiful travel explorations.  Use your vacation time and don’t second guess it. Explore the world around you and the worlds that seem out of reach. Budget your time and money so you can rely on efficiency while still grabbing hold of the spontaneous opportunities that come your way.

Live it all, and enjoy the journey.IMG_2812

Some questions and answers I picked up along the way…

  • IMG_2413My Route in 18 Days: Boston > West Hartford, CT > New York City > Youngstown, OH > Nashville, TN > New Orleans, LA > Austin, TX > Carlsbad, NM > Santa Fe, NM > Denver, CO > Moab, UT > South Rim Grand Canyon, AZ > Laguna Beach, CA. Phew!
  • Favorite Place: Hands down New Orleans. The people, the culture, the music, and oh man that food. I’d go back in a second. Get your 15 minute fix of Bourbon Street and then seek out what this amazing city truly has to offer.
    • Where did we eat? Cochon (get the head cheese pate, broiled oysters and catfish entree), The Gumbo Shop, oysters at the French Market, and Le Petit Grocery (hello griddled octopus, and turtle bolognese).
    • Fun Times: Lucy’s Surf Bar,Tchoupitoulas St bars, Frenchmen Street for anytime of the day or night, the French Market, and the bayou.carlsbad caverns cgroadtrip by remark visions
  • An Indescribable Place: Carlsbad Caverns got me asking questions like whoa.
  • The Coolest Landscape: Moab Desert. We loved this wonder even more than the Grand Canyon – there was so much to explore, climb, hike, ride, and marvel at. Moab Brewery and Red Rocks cafe brought the goods too after activity filled days.
  • Top 3 Restaurants: Cochon (New Orleans), Le Petit Grocery (New Orleans), Euclid Hall (Denver)
  • Most Beautiful Drive: Denver through the Rockies to Moab.cochon cgroadtrip
  • Least Entertaining Drive: Austin to Carlsbad all along the straight and narrow.
  • Top 5 Lessons Learned: Always say yes to spontaneous happenings, talk to everyone, especially the locals, stay out late and wake up for sunrises, don’t camp without mats, and last but not least, don’t wear furry pom-pom hats around Bighorn Sheep!

And now for the Grand Prize winner… Congratulations @ImJantastic! We are so excited to hook you up with all of the goodies from my trip, including gear from Cool Gear Int’l, Igloo Coolers, Nine Five LTD, Health Warrior, & Lucy Activewear! Thank you for all of those who followed along for the ride – now go out and make your own journey!imjantastic #cgroadtrip


kj cgroadtrip bighorn sheepKristyn is a co-founder of KoaWare, a technology platform designed to streamline Real Estate professionals’ digital marketing strategy. She also founded 21 fish., a boutique marketing agency that helps brands make a splash through creative Brand Marketing strategies. She’s a fitness enthusiast, avid yogi, amateur-wannabe-chef, seafood-loving-pig-obsessed-green-juice-drinking-foodie, and relapsed workaholic who can usually be found in a bikini. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter!

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