Christmas Crunch Time

We’re helping you out with holiday prep beyond the presents, with a pre-celebration workout for a healthier holiday season. Knowing that Christmas Day will likely find many sleeping in and spending the day indoors snacking on cookies and eggnog, make this weekend count and you’ll thank yourself come Tuesday!



Cue the high energy holiday hits and add a festive touch to your Tabata workout with a “12 Days” theme: do the first exercise, followed by the first and second, then first, second, and third; and so on, repeating down the list and resting for 30 seconds after each variation until you reach the full 12 exercises. Feel free to customize to include your favorite moves and make sure you have water on hand to hydrate in between sets (our large scale bottles ensure you won’t need to run out and refill)!


1 plank, for 1 minute

2 pushups

3 sit-ups

4 burpees

5 squats

6 bicep curls

7 tricep dips

8 alternating lunges

9 high knees

10 bridges/hip raises

11 mountain climbers

12 star jumps (or jumping jacks)


Stretch it out, rehydrate, refresh, and you’ll be ready to sleigh! Sled on Apple iOS 12.1

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