Cinco de Mayo with Arta Tequila

The fifth of May is not quite like its counterparts. On a day like any other, we begin and end our routines with an added spring in our steps, awaiting the toll of 5’oclock somewhere for the chance to celebrate. The nachos are tastier, the salsas are tangier, and if you know what’s best for you, the margaritas are twice as big and good. A day best known for its festive celebrations of Mexican food and drink, the real significance of Cinco de Mayo often gets overlooked.

Contrary to popular opinion, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican’s Independence Day. Rather, it is a day to commemorate an unexpected victory. On May 5, 1862, Mexico was the unlikely victor over the French forces of Napoleon III. Today, we mark the celebration by eating and drinking in harmony. This year, we’ll mark the celebration by enjoying Arta Tequila.

Arta Tequila, a Colorado-owned company that takes traditional tequila aging to an art form, stands apart from other tequilas by hand crafting tequila that is passionately loved by those who buck conventions. If the master distillers don’t grow it, they don’t use it. Made with their personal water source, which comes from the estate’s single-veined underground aquifer and proprietary yeast, Arta Tequila ages and distills beyond convention. All bottling is done by hand in Arta Tequila’s patented triangular bottle featuring an artistic sugar skull trademarked artwork.cinco de mayo arta-tequila-2

And that’s not the only good news.

Now, Arta Tequila is daring you to take Cinco de Mayo to the next level with a game to get you and your friends in the spirit. Here’s the challenge: spice up your Cinco de Mayo with Arta Tequila’s adventurous new game.

Toma Tequila is a new spin on a classic Mexican game called Toma Todo. It leverages a custom-made pirinola game piece, a bottle of Arta Tequila, a shot glass and a willingness to get a little rebellious.cinco de mayo arta-tequila-1

The rules are simple. A player spins the pirinola and gets one of six symbols. The player can pick a challenge, dare, rule or burn. Some of the spicier plays include licking a stranger and taking off an article of clothing. If the pirinola lands on the Arta logo, everybody drinks.

Cinco de Mayo is all about perseverance and victory, a day to celebrate the thrill of the win. This May 5, let’s all be victorious – Arta Tequila style.

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