Coffee Break with Cool Gear Marketing Director, Rebecca Staaf

Wake up and smell the coffee (or grab that afternoon pick me up)! Since it’s #NationalCoffeeDay, we decided to take a Cool Gear Coffee Break to shed some light on the amazing people that make Cool Gear what it is today.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with the head of the Marketing team, Rebecca Staaf, as she’s the one who okay’ed this blog – and delivers amazing content to all of you everyday! So grab your coffee mug (preferably a Cool Gear Eco2Go!),  and sip on this.

How do you keep a work/life balance?

Like any good planner I’m a huge fan of the to-do list.  I write down the things I want to do both in work and at home.  This allows me to give equal priority to walking the dog as writing a blog post.checklist

I also know what I need to do to keep sane.  I am a better colleague and boss when I balance my day with things other than work. If you are looking for me at lunchtime, check the gym.  A midday workout gives me the energy to power through the rest of the day. 

What motivates you in the morning?

I happen to love my mornings.  I have a four-legged fur baby that wakes me every morning at 5:45 am.
My rescue dog Lola is my alarm clock and she doesn’t have a snooze button. Getting up more than 2.5 hours before I’m due at work allows me to get a lot done.lola-beach-dog
This is when I clean my house, pack food for the day and chat with my best friend.  I start the day checking things off my list,
setting myself up for a successful workday and laughing about life or my latest bad date with one of my favorite people.

Is there anything you prepare the night before to help your next day go smoothly?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a morning person and that’s when I do the heavy lifting on any prep work.
Something I don’t have to do anymore is layout my clothes for the next day.
One of the best things about working at Cool Gear hands-down is the casual dress code.
My business suits, dresses and dry cleaning bills are all a thing of the past.
I have not stressed about what I’m going to wear (based on what types of meetings I have) one day since working at Cool Gear.
I just go in my closet and throw on a pair of jeans and whatever top matches the statement jewelry I feel like wearing that day.
A casual outfit still needs a pop, like my new favorite Stella and Dot Utopia necklace.
Ladies, it can be worn 6 different ways and that is just plain practical.

How do you like to “de-stress”?

I take advantage of doing the things I love in whatever increment I can get.  For example, the beach… to me there is nothing that chills me out like sand, salt water and hunting for sea glass. So I get it where and when I can, whether it means taking a sunrise walk at a nearby spot or treating myself to a long weekend in St. John, USVI.  I do the same with my workouts.  Sure I would rather take a 90-minute hot yoga class, but some days all I can get in are a few sun salutations before I hit the tread monster. IMG_4936

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

My team.  They make me laugh and I honestly have fun everyday at work because of them.  I am crazy lucky to work with a really kind and ambitious group of people that challenge me to be better every day. In marketing, we get to tell the world about our awesome company and products.  And let me tell you, there is some really cool stuff that will be coming to consumers in 2016 and beyond. I just can’t help but fuel off the people and exciting things around me.

And since it’s #NationalCoffeeDay, what’s your go-to order?

Toasted almond iced coffee with almond milk!

Rebecca is the Director of Marketing at Cool Gear International.  She has over a decade of marketing and leadership experience in both consumer and medical device industries.  In her down time you’ll find her exploring the beaches and restaurants of South Shore Massachusetts or jet setting to the Virgin Islands.  She is passionate about family, friends, fitness, food and fun! 

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