Cyber Monday Tips for Deals & Steals

Cyber Monday Tips for Deals & Steals

Cyber Monday is a couch lover’s dream day. In an ideal world, we’d all have the day off to really embody the comfy-cozy-lazy-internet-surfing-day, where only our fingers get a workout in. (Don’t cramp up in the moment of sweet, sweet purchasing success!)

So before we go off on a day dreaming roller coaster, here are some tips for success on Cyber Monday – whether spent at home, or let’s be honest, sneakily shopping behind the walls of your cubicle.

Cyber Monday Tips of the Trade:

  • Know what you want!
  • Know the deals from your favorite sites, and your wish list items that match up.
  • Make sure your internet is fast and functional!
  • Have your credit card ready.
  • Don’t leave items in your cart for too long and don’t expect them to be waiting for you at checkout!
  • Be FAST before the most popular sizes/items sell out.
  • Go to the “at-risk” sites/items first.
  • Check out some of our favorite deals:
    • Cool Gear: Shameless plug, but hey, we are offering some great deals!
    • Walmart: 2000+ deals open the night before at 8pm!
    • Amazon: Deals continue past Cyber Monday.
    • Target & Best Buy: Free shipping & returns!
    • Nordstrom: Take an extra 25% off sale items through Cyber Monday.
    • Flash Airline Deals: Typically beginning at 9am, and having decreased rates for the weeks following.

At-Home Shoppers – follow these steps:

1. Stay in your pj’s.
2. Make coffee & grab your coziest blanket.
3. Turn on The Today Show and get surfing!
4. Get in, and get out quickly.
5. Reward your speedy gonzales fingers with the best homemade turkey and cheese sandwich ever.

At-Work Shoppers – follow these steps:

1. Open all of your work related applications.
2. Search for work related articles online and put the window aside.
3. Open a new window with all of your shopping endeavors.
4. Be quick to click your purchase buttons and quick to switch your browser screens should the boss walk by… this day only people!!
5. Be quick and effective and work through lunch to make up those stolen minutes.

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