The Dos & Don’ts of the Office Holiday Party

Office Holiday Party

The Office Holiday Party.

A moment of trepidation, anticipation, and reflection all at once. There’s so much to think about when it comes to your annual Holiday Party that sometimes the feelings get lost in translation; what exactly is appropriate? How much is too much to drink? How casual can I be with the good ole’ boss? Fear not. We’ve compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of your office holiday party, a guide for how to have a great time, without crossing the line!

  1. DO: Arrive fashionably late to avoid searching for small talk topics with the only other person who came early.Dos and Don'ts of office holiday party
  2. DON’T: Show up halfway through the evening when there’s no more passed apps and the drinks have been constantly flowing.
  3. DO: Wear holiday attire; ugly sweaters and Santa hats encouraged 
  4. DON’T: Dress for the club. #enoughsaid
  5. DO: Sip on some drinks, with water in between!! (You’ll thank us later!)
  6. DON’T: Order fireball shots at the bar. (If so, you will wake up with one of those memories that you blush just thinking about.)
  7. DO: Get to know your coworkers from other departments!
  8. DON’T: Make out with Steve from Accounting – or anyone from the office for that matter!!
  9. DO: Have fun, socialize, and connect outside of the office setting.
  10. DON’T: Pretend you’re back in college and have an excuse to invite everyone back to your apartment for an after-party.

The office holiday party comes at the perfect time – it’s not only a chance to connect outside of the workplace, but to also enjoy a much needed break after a long and (hopefully) productive year. Take advantage of it, but don’t…take too much advantage of it. If you know what we mean!Dos & Don'ts of the Office Holiday Party

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