Earth Day: 10 Ways to Save the Planet in your Everyday Routine

April 22nd marks our annual Earth Day, ringing an urgent plea for awareness and change among the daily lifestyles of Earth’s inhabitants. While we continue to press upon the world’s leaders and policy makers to smother pollution and restrict big business destruction, there are powerfully simple solutions that we can take as everyday citizens of this wondrous planet. Individual actions can lead to awareness, discussions, education, and the spread of goodwill; soon enough, these individual actions lead to society’s general trend, quickly making an impact. Together, we can help save our planet, by adopting these easy environmental changes and habits into your everyday routine.

  1. Recycle. With more and more communities mandating recyclables within the town’s waste management system, it’s a powerful step in the right direction. Separating plastics, glass, and paper to be recycled and reused is a mass way to reduce waste.
  2. Reusable Water Bottles. Stop buying plastic bottles and tote your trendy, reusable bottle on-the-go. With spout-free filling stations, the hydration process has become more hygienic and plentiful.
  3. Reduce Food Waste. A scary percentage of food is wasted in the US, and thrown out with long-forgotten mold, while the rest of the world is suffering from a global food crisis. Instead of throwing out your lettuce scraps, and vegetal trimmings, nourish them within cups of water before transferring to a manageable home garden.                
  4. Shorter Showers. Keep your daily washings to 5 minutes and under, and open your pores by allowing yourself a quick, refreshing zap of cooler water before getting out; it takes less energy than hot water and offers fresh, revitalizing skin.
  5. Eliminate Palm Oil. The cheap oil is prevalent in the world’s largest processed food brands, household items, and everyday products; in addition to being cheap, it’s one of the fastest, and most-destructive harvesting processes to the world’s rainforests. Aside from millions of acres burned to the ground, gas house emissions, and displaced animals, many consumers are completely oblivious to its path of destruction.
  6. Turn The Lights Off. Every time you leave a room without the intention of coming back immediately, turn the lights off. Keep the switch flicked during the day, and open those window blinds. Light pollution is just one of the growing environmental problems that continues to waste energy in everyday society.
  7. Reuse Towels. Don’t toss a towel after one use and throw it in the hamper. Reuse your towel multiple times (depending on your state of cleanliness…) before running it in the wash.
  8. Hand Wash the Dishes. Pots, pans, and daily dinner plates can be hand washed and dried to avoid multiple dishwasher runs per week. Soak stubborn food residue before scrubbing away, and chances are you’ll do a better job than the dish washer!
  9. Walk/Jog/Skateboard/Ride Your Bike. Be active and proactive about gas use when possible. Instead of driving to your local farmer’s market, take a walk! Hitch a ride with friends to reduce traffic and the amount of pollution on the roads.
  10. Plant a tree. Visit your local community gardens, park, or even your own backyard, and plant a little sapling this Earth Day.

Lastly, be part of the conversation. Take time to educate yourself and share that awareness with others. This Earth Day, we recommend watching Before the Flood, and gaining access to scientific facts about climate change and the very real challenges facing our planet.

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