Easy Warped Tour Makeup for the Heat by Amber Rae Beauty

Vans Warped Tour is an insanely fun, pop/punk/hardcore music festival that travels around the U.S., boasting multiple stages featuring well-established bands as well as local ones who are looking to get a start and some exposure. I have fond memories of showing up early and finding the giant schedule posted on some kind of blow up board, scribbling set lists on whatever free postcard I was handed by a struggling band dude who wants me to check out his music. The feeling at Warped is unlike any other…you run from stage to stage to listen to your favorite bands with other fans that are just as excited as you are. One year I stupidly skipped Katy Perry’s set because there was a massive thunderstorm, I was soaked and said, “Well, she’ll be back and I can see her then”, thinking she would play smaller venues after her stint on Warped Tour. Not my most favorite WT memory because that girl’s an international superstar. My least favorite memory, though, is almost passing out my first year because I didn’t drink enough water and thought black pants were a good idea. That’s also the year I wore a My Chemical Romance “Give Em Hell Kid” t-shirt, met the guitarist and hung the shirt on my wall for a solid two years. You can say I am a pretty dedicated music enthusiast.

Now that I am older and the tiniest bit wiser, I know that you have to be smart about a few things when attending this all day organized chaos fest – DRINK WATER! WEAR SUNSCREEN! TAKE BREAKS IN THE SHADE! I went to Warped Tour a couple years ago and was beyond thrilled to discover Cool Gear’s (free) Hydration Stations. They’re absolutely genius and undoubtedly lifesavers. Bring any container you have to the station and they will fill it with cold, fresh water. Water inside the venues can be super expensive and given how much you should be drinking between the sun exposure and the inevitable mosh pit sweats, this is a worthy use of your time. They also sell coolgearcans that have been created specifically for WT, featuring unique designs that will forever remind you of your adventures. So, if you don’t have a bottle you can pick one up at the table and refill it all day long. The cans are double walled to ensure the liquid inside stays at its proper temperature, but I can guarantee you’ll slug that stuff down before it has a chance to heat up.amber-rae-beauty-wt2

I created this hair and makeup look with Warped in mind – it’s simple, easy and quick (if you aren’t running your mouth the whole time like I do). The mixed Milk Maid braids keep your hair off your neck to help keep you cool and are a fun twist on a classic braid, and the makeup is loaded with SPF to protect your skin. This look also incorporates the use of an eye shadow as a metallic liner, making it unexpected but still light and simple.  Regardless of how you paint your face, remember to make a million memories. Leave your phone in your pocket and live in the moment. It’s a special experience you’ll want to keep in your mind even if your phone breaks.amber-rae-beatuy-wt3

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