Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

The time of year has arrived when seemingly everyone around you has “that thing that’s going around”; there are pesky colds with runny noses, feverish flus, and throbbing sinus infections for your annual sick days. But fear not! We have some easy ways to stay healthy, boost your immune system and help you fight off the cold that’s circulating your office, or the bug that’s infecting your child’s playpen.

foreverfit.tvVitamin C & Zinc: I’ll have some OJ with a side of Vitamin C, please! Eating foods that are high in Vitamin C (oranges and many fruits) and zinc (protein-rich foods such as meat, chicken & peanut butter) help to boost the immune system; conscious eating allows you to support your body with vitamins that monitor proper immune system functionality.

Airborne: Want to take the easy route? Pop some Airborne chewables, and get a quick dose of vitamins, mainly made up of Vitamin C & zinc – perfect for on-the-go travel.

Ginger: If you feel an upset stomach coming on, ginger is a natural food to decrease nausea. You can boil fresh ginger root for tea, or drink natural ginger ale.

Water: Flushing your body with lots of fluids is super important to keep you hydrated and it’s internally cleansing! 

regular exercise the cool downHot Water with Lemon & Honey: Drinking hot water with organic lemon and honey has a variety of benefits for enjoying a healthy lifestyle; from a healthier immune system, to going caffeine-free, it detoxifies from the inside out.

Regular Exercise: Being active creates a healthy strong body that can better fight off infection for small colds.

Wash Your Hands: And last but not least, wash your hands regularly! Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth when in a public place where you are susceptible to more germs, and wash up before you eat!

Have any tips for staying healthy? Share them in the comments so we can all stay healthy!

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