Fall Fashion 2015: Translating the Trends

With Fashion Week officially over, it’s time to translate the trends! We appreciate fashion just as much as the next girl with a shopping addiction, so let’s take the trends off the pedestal runway and make them real. The crisp Fall transition is taking it’s time, which means there’s plenty of shopping excursions left for the pickings. We’ve put together an easy guide that translates the unaffordable, and sometimes otherworldly concoctions, into every day streetwear that real women can get sassy with.

“Victorian Goth” // Bold Flowy Things

  • Think collars, ruffles, and lace in big, bright colors! Romantic, fluid, sheer, and above all dramatic – these pieces are here to stand out!
    (From Top Left going clockwise)

Black Lace Bodycon Dress, Urban Outfitters, $170; Crochet Tunic, Urban Outfitters, $44; Patterned Dress, H&M, $19.99; Kimchi Blue Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, $89

“Car wash Skirts” // Pleats 2.0

  • We’re not super into the thought of referring to something as a “carwash skirt”, so let’s just call it the reimagined pleats of the future – something Judy Jetson would wear – or essentially, pleats with sex appeal.


(From Top Left going clockwise)

“70’s Vintage”// Flares, Fringe, & Funky Suede

  • Suede, suede, fringe, suede, fringe, suede & fringe – repeat! It’s everywhere. Arguably the biggest trend this season, you will witness a suede takeover and experience the fringe benefits of the iconic style decade. Also tagging along for the ride are bell bottoms, thin neck ties, dramatic belts and fuzzy outerwear.cgsuede

(From Top Left going clockwise)

“Winter Floral & Bohemian Rhapsody” // ALL of the Prints

  • Plaids, dark floral, paisley, and intricate patterns shape the runways this Fall; the easy way to say this is anything goes – as long as it’s dramatic, bold, and fierce.

(From Top Left going clockwise)

“Huate Hemlines” // Drop it Down to the Floor

  • The hemlines are getting longer and waistlines are getting higher; midis and floor length skirts will overtake the street corners; and sturdily crafted trousers inch towards your bellybutton. Over the knee boots reach for the sky thigh, and bring along your old friend suede and/or fringe.


(From Top Left going clockwise)

While accessories are an entirely other article topic, we do suggest hyping up your hydration trends as well; we’re all about accessorizing our CG bottle to our outfit. Check out some of our fan favorites below, & on insta!


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