Family Olympics: Tips for Hosting Your Own

family olympics

With the Olympic Games just around the corner, the anticipation is building and our sense of competition is taking over! The excitement is contagious as athletes prepare to break records, redefine sportsmanship, and make their countries proud. Before the Rio games start, get your family in on the action with your own family olympics; fun, sun and good, healthy competition can be had in your own backyard.

The Races

The Runaround Series:

Race 1: run around the block with your driveway as the start/finish line.

Race 2: bunny hop from point A to point B.

Race 3: bear crawl forwards to point A, and backwards to point B.

Swim Splash:family-olympics-2

Race 1: 50 freestyle (2 laps) as fast as you can.

Race 2: hypoxic – who can swim under water the furthest.

Race 3: biggest cannonball splash.

Race 4: slip n slide across the finish line: 3  simultaneous slips, to see who can slide the furthest!

Triathlon Triumph:

Leg 1: 100 freestyle (4 laps) swim; or 25 jumping jacks in the sprinkler.

Leg 2: trike to your neighbor’s house, run and touch the front step, and ride back.

Leg 3: run around the house 2x before running through the sprinkler finish line.

Rumble & Tumble:

Who has the most gymnastics flair?!

Competition 1: who can do the most somersaults in a row without coming dizzily undone.

Competition 2: who can hold a handstand the longest.

Competition 3: create a “floor” dance routine to your favorite song.

These fun races, games, and competitions are perfect for any age, and get the whole family involved. Adapt it to your favorite Olympic sports, and make them as challenging or easy as you’d like!

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