Fitness: Stay Cool While Working Up A Sweat

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, eagerly awaiting long-weekend-party-plans, while gently reminding us that cooler weather is in the near future. Most importantly, it’s a time to get out of the office and get outside! So set up shop early at the perfect beach spot destination and bring your workout with you. We’ve laid out an energizing “Stay Cool While You Sweat It Out” workout, paired with a beach bag essential checklist to soak up those rays!

Our Stay Cool routine focuses on a total body workout, cardio, and a little bit of an extra focus on your abs – follow along with our demo video, or download the printable here!

1. Plank Walk Outs With Squat Jump

From standing, walk out with your hands to a high plank position; engage your core, keeping shoulders & hips in line with a flat back. Use abs to send your hips up & back as you walk your hands back to your feet. Bend your knees to a low squat & jump! Repeat 10x.

2. Warrior II Punch Outs

Bend your front knee in 90˚ angle, back foot planted down, pointing towards top corner of your mat. Use your back arm to reach & punch towards the sky as you come into extended side angle; then reverse your warrior, punching skyward with front arm. This counts as one rep. After 10 reps, switch legs.

3. Hi2Low Plank Isolation & Flow

Come to high plank, keeping wrists stacked under shoulders – & shoulders in line with hips & ankles. Hold for 45 secs. Slowly lower to a hover, keeping elbows knitted to your sides & hold for 15 more secs. To transition, push through to Updog, then hips to the sky to DownDog. Gaze forward, & hop through to a seat.

4. Starfish Crunches

Lie back with arms overhead, reaching to top corners of your mat, & legs stretch long and wide to both corners. Crunch up & together, hugging arms around your knees while balancing on sits bones. Stretch & extend out, keeping limbs at a hover & repeat.

Now that your speedy workout’s got you feeling fresh and energized, it’s time to enjoy the rest of your sun-filled day. Take a peek inside our beach bag for some tips, sips, & picks for how we like to pack for the beach.


Beach Bag Must Haves:

Sun Block: We love the smell of Neutrogena’s!

A Good Read: Hey, you just worked out, why not indulge in some #foodporn pics

GoPro: weekend recap videos are our go-to with the latest can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head-song.

H20: Stay hydrated with your favorite accessory 😉

Snack Happy and Healthy: We can’t get enough of Health Warrior’s Chia Bars – perfect for a post-workout snack, or just all around yummy goodness.

A Can’t-Live-Without-It Bathing Suit: Sofia by ViX knows how to make this happen.

Sunnies: No crows feet over here! Sperry isn’t just a good boat shoe anymore…

Beautify Bonuses: Essie’s Mint Creme Hydrangea (what a name!) & Josie Maran’s argan oil treatment are easy, beachy, beautiful.

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