Free, Easy, Fun Labor Day Weekend Activities

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, so it’s time to gear up for the perfect three-day experience. Every long weekend ignites an opportunity to do something fun, new, and exciting, the problem is, so many of us get lost in all the wishful thinking and potential planning that we fail to make anything happen. Instead of just “saying”, start “doing” this weekend with these free, easy activities.


Celebrate with delicious food, scrumptious barbecues, iconic summer seafood dishes – we’re looking at you Lobster rolls!

Have a Picnic

Anywhere! On a hike, at the beach, at a lookout point overlooking the harbor, at a park, or even your own back yard – get outside, with picnic friendly food items, and enjoy a different setting. Nature, good people, and an easy, yummy meal will undeniably turn into a special moment.

Road Trip

Whether you’re day tripping to the beach, taking a drive up to the mountains, or hitting the road for a further destination, road trips are a fun way to connect with family & friends and visit somewhere (relatively) nearby. Get on the road as early as possible to avoid traffic and jam pack your day with activities, sightseeing, or nature’s relaxation, so that you can return home later on when the traffic subsides.


Outdoor Movie Nights

Yes please! Many towns do movies in the park/beach/town center under the stars, for you to set up with some beach chairs, a blanket, cheese & wine, and some friends to giggle with.


No movies in your area? Ditch the digital, and watch the stars. Lay down in a dark (safe) place and enjoy those mysterious twinkling little lights. Check the weather for a clear forecast, and find out which stars or planets are most visible – bring a telescope if you have one!

Street Fair

Most summer farmer markets, street fairs, art walks, and food festivals will quickly be wrapping up until next season; visit a fair near you and explore the different vendors, food options, and activities that offer excitement and new experiences.

Labor Day Weekend is a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones; relax, party, try new things, and sleep in a bit. You’ve earned it.

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