Fresh Summer Fruits & Veggies for Every Meal

“Fresh is best” is our mantra, and we’re sticking to it! Each new season brings juicy, ripe fruit, almost-ready-to-be-picked greens, and bountiful crops that only come once a year. If you’re like us, we anxiously await for summer corn, crisp, refreshing watermelon, and tender, sweet lobster meat… sorry we just started drooling…what were we talking about again?

Summer recipes hold feelings of blue skies, family barbecues, beach days, and refreshing, cool deliciousness. Here are our favorite fresh summer fruits & veggies to get your hands on – either from your garden or farmer’s market!


  1. Peaches: Do you have summer memories of juicy, sweet peach nectar dribbling down your chin? This sticky, sweet goodness is perfect for salads, salsas, reductions, and of course desserts!
  2. Watermelon: Equally refreshing, sweet, and mild this fruit makes the perfect seasonal cocktail! Or try it out in an infuser for a subtle hint of deliciousness!
  3. fresh summer-tomatoes-cool-downCherries: Being a bit lazy in the summer, the idea of having to laboriously remove a pit from a fruit can be a deterrent for some – but we can assure you that cherries should not be ignored! Finding the perfect balance of sweet and tart means they can be used in virtually any aspect of a meal.
  4. Tomatoes: You say tomatoes, we say… heck yes tomatoes! Big, ripe, heirloom tomatoes are best kept simple: a pinch of salt, a drizzle of high quality olive oil, fresh torn pieces of basil, and if you’re feeling frisky, some fresh burrata.
  5. Tomatillos: Tomatoe’s distant cousin! Harvest the green, unripe tomatillos for the most flavor with a lemony kick and slight crunch.
  6. Figs: Stuff it, jam it, bake it, shake it. Yes, that’s our motto and it should be yours too!


  1. Rhubarb: The fruitiest veggie of the moment! AKA the “pie plant”, rhubarb is enjoyed in breads, desserts, and you guessed it, pies! But it’s tartness is also perfect for savory dishes
    fresh summer-grilled-corn-cool-down
  2. Squash Blossoms: Yes, you may think we’re trying to get fancy, but in fact it’s the opposite – fry these, and thank us later.
  3. Cucumber: Pickled, fresh, pureed, even braised – this veggie can be used in everything from cucumber coolers to pork stuffed cucumber soup (thanks Chrissy Teigen)!
  4. Beets: Beets don’t kale my vibe, and let’s get it on. Sweet, crisp chips, or soft, simple cold salad – these babies are magic.
  5. Corn: Okay, okay, we may have saved the best for last; grilled corn is our go-to. There’s nothing like peeling back a perfectly ripe, beautiful husk!

What’s your favorite fresh summer fruit & veggie? 

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