A Friendsgiving Twist

A Friendsgiving Twist

We live in a world where we have so much to be thankful for; challenges and hard times may arise, but big picture knowledge tells us we’re fortunate. And while we shouldn’t need a month or a holiday to remind us of this, if it initiates change and goodwill then it’s a positive by-product.

Thanksgiving symbolizes thankfulness, appreciation, and generosity – and the delicious meal is a mouthwatering plus too! With more and more millennials and young professionals moving to new cities away from home, Friendsgiving has become increasingly popular; celebrating with your extended family may even become a prequel to the main event- making potlucks cool again year after year.

This year, we encourage you to expand upon the tradition by adding a charitable twist; gather your friends and plan out a day prior to Thanksgiving week to celebrate. Check out some ways to contribute to your community and make an especially memorable Friendsgiving this time around.A Friendsgiving Twist

1. Picnic Pack Up: Grab your picnic basket, fine tune your pb&j skills, and get packing. Homemade paper bag lunches are simple but effective, so grab your people and venture to an area to hand them out to those in need! If you live in a metropolitan area, many people will be thankful as the shelters get so busy this time of year.

2. Soup Kitchens & Meal Delivery: These charitable programs tend to have waiting lists during Holiday weeks, so why not plan a trip after work or on a weekend early in the month.

3. Good Vibes & Goodwill: Time for a closet clean out! Friendsgiving attendees are required to wear their most outrageous back-of-the-closet finds to the feast, before donating the entire lot to your local donation drop off.

4. Kitchen Knights: Round up your canned goods and non-perishables, encouraging your dinner guests to do the same.

5. Fit Foodie: Get your trot on and find a Turkey Trot race near you! Most thanksgiving & turkey day races benefit a local cause and are also the perfect excuse to have an extra helping at dinner. Because really, who can say no to a late night t-giving sandwich?!

By coming together to volunteer, donate, or fundraise, you and your friends will spread cheer and undoubtedly make someone’s day – as well as your own! So skip the cocktail hour at this year’s Friendsgiving and “pregame”, charity-style, making this new tradition the best one yet.

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