Fun and Affordable Winter Activities

By the time February rolls around, there’s a good chance you’re daydreaming about warmer weather. The winter blues have seeped in, the snow shoveling is getting old, and your jacket zipper is threatening to tear from overuse. Despite the chilly feelings towards the winter season, there are ways to reinvigorate some excitement with affordable winter activities, fun for individuals and the entire family.

Rent a Yurt! A small cabin, or ecological yurt, is the perfect adventure for an overnight getaway. Cozy up in the middle of the woods or the side of a snowy mountain with peace, quiet, and lots of comfy, cozy blankets – and hot toddies!

Go Ice Skating! Find your local pond/lake/cranberry bog to start a game of pick up hockey, or simply sharpen your triple axel skills…

Have a Winter Picnic! Tote along some warm cider, soup, bread, and snacks. A standard tarp will waterproof your spot, and blankets will warm it up! Make sure your picnic spot comes with a view of magical wintery scenery!

Winter Bonfire & S’mores! Build a fire or a safely enclosed bonfire to roast some marshmallows and build ooey gooey s’mores – yes, that is the technical term.

Build a Fort and Host Movie Night! Fantasy forts aren’t just for kids. Create a winter wonderland by the fire, with lots of pillows and blankets for a cozy movie night with friends or family.

Go on a Wintery Adventure! Whether that means walking through “insert-city-park-here”, going on a winter hike, sledding, or building an igloo, do something exploratory while working up a sweat.

Head to the Beach! It may not be bikini weather, but it’s still beautiful with its wintery touch.

And if all else fails… throw all rules out the window and go on a weekend getaway to a warmer place!

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