Give the Gift of Travel to your S.O.

Stumped on what to get your significant other, AKA the person who has it all? Material gifts can be thoughtful or fleeting, but experiential gifts provide a lifetime of memories. Give the gift of travel this holiday season, and make memories through your adventures together. From weekend getaways to international excursions, these tips will make your wanderlust a reality.

Planning: Set your budget, time frame, destination, and most of all, your expectations. So if your budget is $200, a trip to Italy is probably out of the question – but a romantic overnight getaway is the perfect solution.

If your S.O. has been talking about Costa Rica non-stop, research a time frame where flights are more reasonable (i.e. at the cusp of seasonal changes), and far out enough that you can save some money for it.

Commit & Buy: Once you decide on your dates and destination, the hardest part is behind you – it’s time to purchase! In most cases, transportation will be the biggest hurdle, so purchase flights as soon as possible. Set up flight alerts, or follow people like The Points Guy for good deals and travel promos!

Pro Tip: Open your search portal in an Incognito window in your browser; flight portals cache your search history and their algorithms may increase flights if you’ve searched for the same trip multiple times! Searching in Incognito, avoids that

If you’re going on a road trip or weekend getaway nearby, book your hotel room. Again, this will probably be your biggest spend of the weekend, so look for deals or promotions to help buy at the right time. Get that room booked, and tell the concierge you’re celebrating a romantic getaway, who knows, maybe some perks are available!

Surprise Your S.O.: Give the gift of travel and surprise him/her with your thoughtfulness and love! Wrap a photo, miniature car, or postcard with your destination and share the details!

Share the Love: It’s safe to say that if you’re traveling together, you’ve already built a relationship on trust and openness, so be honest about the costs. If you booked the flights, but need help with the hotel room, show your S.O. what you have planned and continue building this trip together.

If you’ve got the majors covered, let your love pick up the bill one night – you deserve it!


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