Graduate Gift Ideas

graduate gift idea

May represents changes and new beginnings, as Spring turns to Summer students graduate into the next phase of their journey to adulthood. High School Seniors are preparing for their last prom night and a Summer of fun before “everything changes”. College Seniors are frantically trying to soak up the last few weeks of the college lifestyle – when it’s appropriate to live in an eat-sleep-drink-play-sometimes-do-work type world. And graduates everywhere are trying to imagine what the next stage will bring. For family and friends who are celebrating our graduates success, it’s up to us to share advice, love and a small gift or two to prepare them for their journey.  We’ve compiled a list of rewarding graduate gift ideas for all types of grads.

  1. The Valedictorian: A  backpack or tote to carry all of her things to help her on her journey to save the world. And throw in an exam survival kit while you’re at it.herschel-backpacks
  2. The Athlete: Create a shadow box of all their best sports memorabilia – jersey, medals, newspaper clippings, etc.
  3. The Procrastinator: First and foremost, a watch, like this handsome MVMT; and then throw in a tile to help them stay on track.mvmt-watch
  4. The Perfectionist: A massage and a message
  5. The Social Chair: Classpass – to bounce around from studio to studio, meeting new friends wherever she goes! And a new water bottlegraduate gift idea
  6. The Extra Curricular Leader: A solid gold planner from the Gods (from the old and the new, sorry we couldn’t resist some Game of Thrones punniness). But seriously, planners have stepped it up a notch with design, detailed sections, and notes to help out the Type A personality.graduate gift idea
  7. The One Who Has A Job Lined Up: Congratulations, you are figuring out how to adult! Here’s some more tips.graduate gift idea
  8. The One Who Doesn’t Have a Job Lined Up: Interview clothes – look good, feel good, find-a-job-good.
    graduate gift idea
  9. The One Who Wants to Take a Gap Year: Serious case of wanderlust, or trying to figure out the next step? Either way, gap years are a time for growth – so work it out with a beautiful travel journal to remind you of what you learned along the way.graduate gift idea
  10. The One Who’s Moving Back to Mom and Dad’s: Coffee. And funny coffee mugs to get through the mornings.

graduate gift idea

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