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graduation makeup

If you’re a grad reading this, congrats! There’s something special about being acknowledged for spending countless nights hunched over your laptop, books and papers everywhere, clutching a cup of coffee (or a Red Bull, let’s be honest) trying to make a due date. You have done something not everyone chooses to do and you should be endlessly proud of your accomplishments! Walking across that stage and receiving your diploma is a pretty satisfying feeling, especially when you’re glowing to the heavens, both emotionally and on those cheekbones.

Which brings us to the makeup you are going to wear on your graduation day. Seamless transition – you can tell I went to college, right? Many of us have parties or see our loved ones the afternoon or evening after graduation, thus I have created a day-to-night makeup look that uses a lot of the same products so you don’t have to think too hard about it. After all, you’ve used a lot of brainpower over the last however many years, and how you paint your face shouldn’t be terribly complicated. Don’t overthink it!

To take your look from day to night, all you really need to do is add a few components – lashes, liner, a bolder lip, more intense sculpting…again, all optional. I know that after a full day of wearing makeup I need to make it feel fresh, and separate events in my mind based on what my face looked like. Confessions of a true makeup addict? Perhaps.

graduation makeup 1

I am featuring the Urban Decay Naked Palette, the original neutral eye shadow collection that made all of our dreams come true, as it is still fairly popular and offers a wide range of shades that are versatile for any time of day. If you don’t have this palette, don’t fret – there are dupes everywhere you look in Target’s beauty section. Feel free to tailor this to your preferences and your collection. The main idea here is to create a long-lasting base that can be built upon. Prime, lock in your creams and liquids with a powder and douse yourself in setting spray for the ultimate base that won’t budge and the rest is really up to you. Have fun and enjoy your day – you’ve certainly earned it!graduation makeup 2

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