#FitSpo Defined with Pro Trainer Christina Lodde

The Fall season has officially arrived, and while we’re still hesitant to pack away the last of our bikinis, we’re definitely holding on to our hard earned summer bodies. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is something we need to strive to do year-round, not just when the beach is calling our name! That’s why we’re excited to share our latest sit down with Boston based Pro Trainer, Christina Lodde, who traded in her desk chair for a seat in the saddle at Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp & Nike Training Club. Read on to gain some serious #fitspo motivation, tips & tricks to getting yourself to the gym, and how to sweat when you only have 10 minutes!

Leading an active lifestyle has always been a part of your life – sports, dance, martial arts, indoor cycling, and strength training – fill us in on your fitness journey and how it’s evolved over the years!

I grew up being very active. I was an athlete playing on various sports teams and trained intensively in multiple dance styles from the age of 3.  In college I was the tap choreographer in our student run Dance Ensemble at Holy Cross and started teaching kick boxing classes to stay in shape and make extra money.  This is when I realized my passion for group fitness instruction.  After college I started working full time at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Human Resources.  After sitting at a desk all day, I always had the energy to hit the gym after work.  I missed leading & motivating classes and craved that creative outlet.  I started boxing and studying martial arts so I could teach Corpbasics, a martial arts based fitness, as well as indoor cycling and personal training.

When did you know that a career in fitness was the right path for you? Was it a hard decision to make, and if so, what ultimately made you take that leap?

I worked for PwC for 10 years before I decided to pursue fitness full time.  I first started teaching a few classes a week before/after work and on the weekends.  This ultimately led to teaching up to 10 classes/wk in addition to  personal training.  All of my free time was dedicated to growing my fitness career and my passion for it proved it was something I had to pursue.  I started teaching at Flywheel and Barry’s Bootcamp 2 years ago when both studios opened in Boston;  I left PwC about 1.5 years ago when Flywheel offered me the Lead Master instructor position. 

I now teach up to 19 classes per week, reaching 600+ people of all fitness levels weekly, through Flywheel, Barry’s, and most recently, teaching NTC at Niketown.

christina lodde quoteHow do you maintain a balanced work/life/exercise routine and what motivates you to be active everyday?

I feel my healthiest self when I have balance in my life.  I may not have the perfect balance when faced with the challenges of managing stress, getting enough sleep, eating clean, and finding the time to enjoy the things that make us happy- However, I have learned not to put too much stress on myself if I’m not perfect. 

I take time out of my day, every day, for myself.  I travel as much as I can and I enjoy life!  I am motivated and passionate about challenging myself mentally and physically –  and most importantly, I practice what I preach during my classes… “good things come to those who work their asses off!”

For women who think they may not like to exercise (or for those who just need help getting their butts to the gym!), what advice do you have for them to get motivated & get started?

Find an exercise routine that you enjoy so you are more likely to stick with it.  There are so many more options now with specialized studios for indoor cycling, bootcamp, barre, boxing, etc.  Attend classes instead of sitting on a piece of gym equipment.  Classes are usually more fun, have better music, and can push you in ways you never would on your own.  Sign up for classes with friends so you are held accountable and if you cancel or no show many studios have penalty charges.

Let’s be honest, in today’s world, girl’s got a busy schedule – so what exercises can we do if we only have 10 minutes?

This entire workout might take longer than 10 mins (so stop when needed) but this is a great go-to workout that requires no equipment and incorporates all the major muscle groups.

We already know from experience, but for those who haven’t gone to one of your classes, either at Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, or Nike Training Club, what can they expect?

I have developed a well-rounded and effective instructional style that incorporates elements of dance, sports conditioning, and martial arts.  My classes tend to appeal to clients at every level because I challenge newcomers to set and achieve attainable goals, while offering a variety of creative approaches to fitness veterans looking for something new.  My music is eclectic and I enjoy all genres, especially finding the perfect remixes and mashups!  Most importantly, I encourage clients to have fun, find their inner athlete, and release the stress of the day.

Speed Dating Round:

Favorite exercise move: Squats – ”OMG Becky look at her butt!”

Least favorite exercise move: Tricep Pushups – so hard for me!

Favorite restaurants in Boston: Fast and Healthy: Sweetgreen,  Casual Dining: The Gallows

Guiltiest foodie pleasure: Italian – pasta and pizza

Dream vacation: Italy – to eat lots of pasta and pizza 🙂

Top 3 hobbies:  Traveling, Shopping, and if I type it here maybe it will happen more often – Cooking!

Favorite Fitness/Race events we should keep an eye out for: I recently completed a 8 mile Spartan race with friends that was a lot of fun.  I would also love to attend one of the Nike Women’s Races that are offered around the world/country some day as well.

christina loddeChristina is a Master instructor and Nike sponsored trainer.  She teaches at Flywheel Sports and Barry’s Bootcamp.  She has over a decade of experience teaching many different group exercise classes including boxing, kickboxing, bootcamp, barre, and indoor cycling, as well as personal training Hollywood film actors, collegiate athletes, and pre/post natal women.  Best known for her high energy, motivation, choreography, and sold out classes, Christina continues to share her passion for health and fitness with hundreds of Bostonians.

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