Halloween on a Budget: 18 Funny Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of those holidays where everyone gets to feel like a kid again; play dress up, eat lots of candy, get a stomach ache from eating too much candy, fall asleep and dream about candy, and then wake up and do it all over again (fyi Halloween is on a Saturday this year, meaning the entire weekend is full game).

One challenge each year is to come up with the perfect costume for your child/nephew/godson/neighbor/etc., whether it’s homemade or store-bought, it’s got to be creative! Since we believe in balling-on-a-budget, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite feasible Halloween costumes seen around the community & interwebs – get your creative juices flowing and find your fav costume below!

1. Bubblegum Nightmare A cardboard cutout shoe, pink balloons and yarn make the stickiest situation cute again! 

bubblegum nightmare

2. Lil’ old lady Have an old walker hanging around? Cut down the legs and put an old lady wig on your babe and she’ll be ready to roll!


3. Pineapple Cutie A no sew costume?! Yes please! Follow these simple steps for the cutest pineapple ever! {tip} Keep hydrated with a matching pineapple #tikitumbler 😉

pineapple cutie

4. Kisses 5¢ a pop! Make a simple “kissing booth” from a cardboard box. Break out that lipstick and plant some kisses on that baby and he’s ready to hit the town.

5. Walter White & Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” There are no words…

breaking bad

6. Your future co-worker, Dwight Schrute, from “The Office” Dad’s tie, a pair of old glasses and a name tag make Dwight cool!


7. The Ultimate Cereal Killer Hot glue individual cereal boxes onto an old shirt, stick them with a plastic knife and you’ve got an easy and creepy costume.


8. A Pack of Crayons! Color coordinating outfits and a crayola logo cut-out make this the cutest pack of crayons you ever did see!


9. Ready- Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! Get creative! Who would say no to painting on clothes?

10. Jolly Jelly Belly’s! A clear trash bag and colorful balloons make for a simple (and protective) costume for your kids!


11. The Cutest Scuba Enthusiast There Ever Was! A 2 liter soda bottle spray painted silver and a black body suit set this cutie up to hit the water!


12. Ghandi’s Grandson Need we say more?


13. The Coppertone Bum! A nude leotard, a cute bum painted on a white pair of undies and a stuffed animal doggie make this costume totally adorbs!


14. Wilson the Volleyball from “Castaway” Can we say comfy?  That white one-piece you were dying to get rid of now serves a purpose! Stuff that thing with cotton and paint on Wilson for the easiest costume for baby.


15. A No Good Very Bad Day (aka Thunderstorm) Cut out cardboard in the shape of a cloud and cover that thing with cotton balls. Messy hair and a frightful face for the photo opp win! 


16. Peter Pan’s Shadows!  Everyone has black clothes hanging around; or purchase a black morphsuit on the cheap! {Tip – have your child wear reflective bracelets for safety}


17. Cuddly Trolls Nude leotard? Pink spray paint? Easiest costume award!


18. A Yummy Lil Burrito Wrap that baby up in metallic gold fabric and they’ll never know how delicious they look! 


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