The Ultimate Halloween Party Prep

Halloween isn’t just for kids, it’s the perfect food-filled-family-fun opportunity for adults too. With trick-or-treating, costume parties, people running around, and candy-filled pillow cases striving to be filled, there’s a lot going on throughout old Hallow’s Eve. The key to hosting a perfect Halloween party is keeping it simple and sweet; tick off the check list for food, drinks, sweets, and decorations, and host the perfect Halloween pre-game to the main trick-or-treating event!

Decor & Ambience:
Halloween is all about creativity, you can get some magazine worthy decor for cheap at fabric stores, bulk retailers, dollar store, and a little craft work.

Food: The key to easy hosting, is a serve-your-self style food. We suggest a filling, warming soup, and some small apps to fill your guest’s tummies – while keeping some room for cheat sweets later in the night.

Costumes: Encourage creativity among the adults by offering a costume contest; Best costume gets a Halloween gift basket filled with treats like:


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