New Year’s Day Hangover Cures

hangover cures

New Year’s Eve: The champagne is flowing, the drinks taste better and better, and the fireworks begin to blur together in the faded night sky. Inevitability, New Year’s Eve leads to a universal hangover on New Year’s day, quickly shoving those New Year’s resolutions to tomorrow’s to-do list. This year, stave off the dreaded dry mouth and pounding headache with hangover preventions and hangover cures that actually work.

Before Drinking

Rest: Without enough sleep, our bodies immune system wouldn’t handle a night of drinking as well as it would on a full 8 hours.

Eat!: Be sure to eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before you head out on the town! 

hangover cures

Vitamin B-Complex: This group of B vitamins help convert food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized and alert; it also supports normal functioning of the nervous system. We’ve found that the vitamin has helped avoid hangovers when taken prior to drinking – personally speaking,  not scientifically!

After Drinking

Coconut Water: Avoid sugary sports drinks and replace with a 100% natural, healthy alternative. The nature-made electrolytes in coconut water gives you a boost of hydration to bring balance back to your body.

Water, water, water: Watah people, watah! Drink up.

A Hearty Breakfast: When all else fails, give in to the bacon, egg and cheese cravings. We won’t tell. Carbs help absorb those nasty leftover liquids.

hangover cures
Have your own hangover cure? Share with us in the comments section, and most importantly – drink responsibly!


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