Hosting Hacks: Thanksgiving DIY

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

Raise your hand if you’re an entertainer-of-the-year host, or maybe you’re a wannabe-but-not-quite-there-yet dream host! Regardless of your style, we have some style hacks and tips for making your home Southern Living holiday issue ready! 

Tips for Hosting ThanksgivingSet Your Table With Style

Having a herd over for dinner? Fear not! Mix & match dishware and silverware is 100% approved for this year’s stylish dinner table. Choose a color scheme and find some matching place settings or stay simple and use what’s on hand

Skip the table runner and use an interactive one instead! Butcher’s paper or chalkboard paper are a fun way to get creative with seating arrangements, food settings, and appreciation lists. Get the tutorials from our cool blog finds below!Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

Bonus Round: Be the best mama ever and create fun pilgrim hat crayon holders for the kids table! Use paper to cover the entire table, making it a-okay to go outside the lines!

Use those fun paper table runners as seating cards, or go the extra mile and make your own by using nature found right in your backyard! Leaves actually make great textured paper and pine branch snippets can add scent and appeal to a plain white scrap.

It’s All About the Details

Sometimes all you need is paper, scissors, and glue to make something beautiful! Skip the line (and price tags) at William Sonoma and make these great additions to your tables, centerpieces, mantles, and more.

Grab some of those falling acorns that keep bouncing off your noggin and make something useful. Fall colors and glitter make a jar full of acorns pop – add them to a vase or bowl to make a statement.

  • Home Stories A to Z, Painted Acorns
  • No DIY needed… floral arrangements and wooden stump repurposing! Use flowers and leaves to assemble around the centerpiece, in CG bottles, mason jars, or wine bottles. Slice up that old tree stump in the backyard and utilize the varying sizes throughout your table setting theme.

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

Remember all those bottles of wine you went through last Girls’ Night? Don’t throw them out! Glitterize, metalicize, or frost your empties – creating an elegant look matched with flowers or candles around your home.

Make your home look like you got a visit from the Martha Stewart herself, and let your guests enjoy the ambiance of the decor, the care of details, and of course, revel in the fact that you and Martha are bff’s.

We’ll leave you with this, a know-all guide on how to set your table like a pro! Good luck you DIY diva!

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

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