How To Tailgate Like a Pro

As I settle back into my “college routine” the one thing that will always standout is the anticipation for football season. I’m sure students and alumni alike can attest to this. It marks the end of summer (you’ll be missed), and welcomes us to a season of Friday night lights, colorful crisp leaves, and a cool breeze on game days. You can feel the excitement build prior to a game – everyone is talking about it the day before. They’re breaking down the weather forecast, the predicted score, and of course, the plans for tailgates and celebration.

So whether you’re a current student or an alumni, tailgate like a pro this season with a few tips of the trade.

Dress the Part: To prove your passion for your college, you’ll want to dress head-to-toe in all your collegiate gear. From the hat to keep off the face sunburn, to the stickers on your face, to the branded socks, you want to make it known that you have team spirit and no one can take it away from you.

Take Your Tailgating Seriously: As soon as you’re dressed in the most spirited fashion, you head straight for the tailgates. This is absolutely one of my favorite parts about football season.

Tailgate like a pro with Cool Gear

Tailgate like a pro with Cool Gear

• Firstly, there’s free food. The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers fills the air – nearly creating a sensory overload in the most delicious way possible.

• Secondly, you can enjoy beautiful weather with your friends and family. In most cases, the heat gets heavy the first few games of the year, so you’ll want to stay hydrated with a plethora of liquids.

• Given that you’re going all-out with your collegiate attire, you have every excuse to purchase anything with your school’s logo. I added a specially branded coolgearcan to complete my football fan look. Aside from being more convenient than constantly grabbing new beverages, it’s also environmentally friendly. Go green and go Eagles – am I right?

Get Loud: The atmosphere is buzzing with eagerness prior to kickoff. Shout, cheer, and maybe even throw in a scream or two, as you watch your favorite college team put points on the board. Yet another time when I’m thankful to keep my coolgearcan close – I need to stay hydrated to save my voice for later too, when celebrating the big win with friends!

Be Committed: There’s no right way to tailgate and cheer on your team, but you can’t go wrong with the “go big or go home” concept. If you’re already planning on buying those customized lawn chairs from your college’s/alma mater’s online catalog, go ahead. Live life on the edge. Have the inclination to bodypaint yourself in a speedo in 30˚ weather? Even better (just don’t forget a cup of hot cocoa)!

College guarantees you some of the best four years of your life. They’re full of memories, a lot of which you’ll make during this football season – and it goes by faster than you can say “touchdown”. So grab a hot dog (or three), pour yourself a beverage, drink it down and live it up.

BC student coolgearcanAlex Kontopanos is a current Sophomore in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. She is pursuing a double major in Marketing and Communications. Amongst other things, she’s a Student Assembly member in her Undergraduate Government, a writer for The Odyssey Online, and a pizza enthusiast. You can find her on Instagram and check out her other articles here.


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