i’mME Organization is Ending the Orphan Cycle in Haiti

Cool Gear believes in the power of making a difference. We believe that each and every one of us can positively impact the lives of people around us, and the world that we live in. Since launching The Cool Down, each month we have strived to highlight a cause, a non-profit, or an individual making a difference.

We are proud to share the mission and story of i’mME, an organization driven to sustain and empower the structure of family to the orphans of the world through care, prevention, and stewardship. Founded by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, David Nelson, and his two brothers, Patrick and Daniel, i’mME is truly a family business, based on family. As with all of our features, we hope this inspires you to act – to act, on whatever cause that touches your soul. Because no action of care or love, can ever be too small.


Videography/Editing: Alexis Vazquez

i’mME shares the tangible outcomes of the power of love through an interview with Haitian native and i’mME staff member, Ti-Cam and the children that have been given a place to call home.

Family is what every human being deserves. 

Ti-Cam (Camitha) was born to be a mother. She has been working as a Caregiver in Haiti at i’mME Children’s Home for over one year now. The Children’s Home just outside of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince is providing a safe environment, physical and emotional support, and the love of family for 11 children who have been left without a place to call home.

i’mME’s mission is to end the orphan cycle through family. There are over 600,000 orphans in Haiti alone. When a child grows up as an orphan, they are more likely to abandon their child just as they were once abandoned. This is the orphan cycle.

i’mME believes that family is where life begins and they strive to one day provide every child with the family and love that they deserve.


Your voice can create a ripple effect that changes lives. 

When you speak up, you provide a multitude of opportunities for the people and children in Haiti. Because of the support i’mME has received from donors, sponsors, and followers online; Ti-Cam has been able to take on the role of a motherly figure for 11 beautiful children as well as provide for her own family.

“I am proud of myself. I have seen a lot of progress in my life because of my job at i’mME. I can now pay for my house and school for my daughter,” Ti-Cam shares.

In the past year, Ti-Cam has had the first-hand privilege of watching our family of children grow into who they were created to be. While most kids have come from families that have been torn apart, Ti-Cam is providing them with the motherly love that they all deserve.

You can give a child a place to call home, no matter where you live.

Ti-Cam has watched the lives of the children transform through the love of family.

“When the kids first came to our Children’s Home, many of them were very emotional. They wouldn’t listen when they were given rules or orders. Now, one year later, they are communicating with us and they are much less emotional. They listen.” she shares with a smile on her face.


You can end the orphan cycle by giving a child a future.

Ti-Cam giggles with soft eyes and shares the encouraging story of 4 year-old, Rodlencia.

“Rodlencia has always liked to make trouble. When Rodlencia first came to the Children’s Home, she acted out a lot. When we would give her a punishment for her bad behavior she didn’t respect us,” she explains. When Rodlencia acted out, Ti-Cam would talk to her about her actions and try to help her change her ways.

“I would tell her ‘You are going to be a good girl in the future. This is how you should act,’” Ti-Cam shares.

Needless to say, it took some time for Rodlencia to change. Now, one year later Ti-Cam proudly shares: Rodlencia has learned respect. When she is wrong, she says, “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Love is the greatest gift in the world and has the power to change a life.

If you’d like to be part of the movement in ending the orphan cycle by bringing families together, you can donate, share, or go on a Vision Trip with i’mME. You can also keep up with all news and opportunities on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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