Indoor & Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

For most of us, winter weather means frigid temps and an opportunity to break out our cutest pom-pom hats for the annual #SnowSelfie. But once the first snowfall hits, it seems like the cold weather get a little less loved. Save our list of winter activities for kids of all ages and make the most of  your next snow day or school vacation!

  1. Build a Snow Fort: Snowmen are so last year! Get creative and build an igloo, snow fort, or maze. Use food coloring as a fun way to add a pop of color and let your kids’ imagination run wild!
  2. Hot Cocoa Recipe Contest: Get out all the fixin’s and let everyone in the family take a stab at their perfect hot cocoa recipe. Then it’s up to the kids to be the ultimate taste testers and decide who’s yummy, chocolatey goodness is the best! 
  3. Ski, Snowboard, Sled: The obvious! Take a trip to the nearest mountain, or large hill for the little ones! Not only will the family love trying something new, but the active, jam-packed day will surely leave parents with sleepy kids by bedtime! 
  4. winter activities the cool down 2Have a PJ Party: Sometimes, it’s just too frigidly cold to go outside, which in this case makes it perfectly acceptable to stay in your pj’s all day. Did someone say Harry Potter marathon?
  5. Animal Tracking: Channel your inner zoologist and hunt for animal tracks at your local park, explore what it could be and learn about different animal species. Take to the skies by crafting the perfect peanut butter & birdseed pinecone, and discover the different types of birds it attracts.
  6. Get Cozy: Build a fire and read a book to an eager audience!
  7. winter activities cool down 3Treasure Hunts: Set up a treasure hunt for the kids to run around and explore their curiosity. Combine the natural elements that winter has to offer and include some of your own hidden treasures as well. For example, find the largest icicle, discover the hidden Elsa doll where X marks the spot, or guess who made the snow angel.
  8. Kiddo & Pup: There’s nothing cuter than your kids and dog playing around like little madmen in the snow; take everyone out for a walk and a good tumble in the fluffy white stuff!

Whether you’re indoors or out, all of these activities are fun to do with the family – building warm, fuzzy memories despite the wind chill!

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