International Youth Day: A Time to Be Carefree

The first day of kindergarten, high school, and college looms closer; kids of all ages are gathering new binders, thick text books, and preparing the coveted “first day of school” outfit. While summer holidays are coming to an end, today we celebrate International Youth Day, a time to reflect on all the joy, laughter, and adventure that the warm weather has brought us. Let’s take one more exhilarated jump into a summery, carefree weekend before the school year comes knocking!

How many times have you watched a young kid, 5 or 6 years old, try something new with no fear? Shooting down the mountain on skis for the first time, hopping on a surfboard in waves over her head, or feeling triumphant after nailing the revered bike ride sans training wheels. All of these feats are witnessed with awe because as we’ve gotten older, we’ve become more aware of the fact that we can (and will) hurt ourselves! And while it’s necessary to understand that we aren’t invincible, retaining some of that zeal and undeniable confidence is something we can all still carry with us.

POP QUIZ: What makes you feel the most carefree? How about when you were 5 or 15? What can you learn from your kids, your younger siblings, or your youth? 

With most tests, they bring anxiety, such as with the ever so daunting SAT’s; but if you were lucky enough to remain carefree and retain any information, you may have noticed poems and excerpts sprinkled throughout the English section. A common excerpt featured Sara Teasdale’s “Barter” which culminated with the lines,

“And for a breath of ecstasy give all you have been or could be.”

This International Youth Day, whether you are 12 or 62, take a moment to reflect on what makes you feel happy, youthful, and exhilarated. Share your own carefree moments in the comments or tag us on social – we’d love to hear!


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