It’s Not Too Late: Tackle Your Summer Bucket List

So many of us eagerly await the summer season nine months out of the year…

The hot and sticky air is a sweet welcome while we’re still thawing out from a bitter winter; the salty summer breeze tickles our noses and warms our thoughts. Days are filled with sunny daydreams and beach excursions, while nights roar on with endless laughs and dancing bonfires.

Yet somehow, our tight embrace doesn’t seem to notice the light slipping away, until one day we wake up and Labor Day is upon us.


We blinked and those precious weeks sailed by as our summer bucket list idled with scattered checkmarks. But fear not! There is still time to create adventure that the summer season so vividly encourages. It’s time to get sh*t done and here’s some tips to do it, while carrying the summer mindset through the rest of the year!

Prioritize: If you’re like us, you want to do it all. Your “Summer Bucket List” is filled with local day trips and international, luxury vacations, cute instagram worthy blueberry picking adventures and rambunctious pig roasts. #AmIRight? Take time to focus on what is important to you, as well as what’s feasible. If you’re looking to move in the Fall, now may not be the best time to take that week-long trip to Nantucket, but a day trip to the Cape is completely necessary! Focus on what you want to make happen and what you can make happen – and ready, set, go!

Commit: Commit to it! Roll your windows down, turn up the volume, and kick your excuses out the window. Hold yourself accountable to one bucket list item per week; check in on Monday mornings, look at your schedule while you’re sipping on coffee, and plan ahead. Give yourself time to make your goal a reality and don’t put it off. Need ferry tickets? Book them now! Dying to try that new restaurant? Don’t take chances – make a reservation! There is so much we put off until later that can just as easily be done in the moment, avoiding future stress and regret. Take control of what you want and do it!

Partner Up: Grab your partner in crime and cross things off your list together. It’s incredibly difficult to coordinate overlapping schedules among a large group, so make it simple by keeping the circle small. Those who are available and want to join in can, but don’t let it hold you back from enjoying your summertime!

Weekdays Are Real Days Too: “Weekdays” don’t equal “work days.” Time may be more limited, but it does exist! Wake up an hour earlier and power through your work out in the morning – you’ll feel more awake and energized to take on the day. Then, reserve your afterwork hours for something fun! Get out and be social, happy hours were invented for a reason. Better yet, use your PTO – it’s there to be used and it should be used well!hello darkness_GoT gif

Winter Is Coming: Game of Thrones sets the tone perfectly with that one. On a less “dark” note, the weather will get cooler and the days shorter – but it does not mean we have to hibernate! Make a “Winter Solstice Bucket List” and set out to have the same driven mentality to try new things throughout the entire year.

Don’t let these next few warm-weathered weeks pass you by, the summer isn’t over yet! Seek adventure, take action, and most importantly, have some fun!

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