Keeping Kids Hydrated

Most kids are on the “mile a minute” schedule – excitement rises from school to sports to play dates, and their energy seems limitless. Through all of this jumping, twirling, running, and playing, it’s imperative to make sure our kids are getting enough water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Little ones can become dehydrated very easily, and unless pushed, most don’t want to interrupt an activity and stop for a drink. While water is typically the easiest and cheapest way to hydrate a child, it’s time to stock up on some creative ways to sneak more liquids into your kids daily routine.

Water, Water, Water:

The best way to hydrate is with water – not juice, or a sports drink, but tried and true water. Don’t wait for thirst to be a sign that your child needs to hydrate, because in most cases he/she already needs water. Keep small bottles of water in the fridge for kids to grab easily, or throw in their bag before sports practice.

Water Games:

Kids not a big fan of plain H20? Let’s spruce things up! Add fruit slices to a jug of water in the fridge to infuse more flavor; freeze ice cubes in fun shapes – maybe even throw some berries in the middle! Flavor drops are also a great way to get kids to drink more water, as you can find options low in sugar, with no calories.

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Be a Role Model:

Always carry your water bottle around with you – make it cute, fun, or stylish, showing your kids that you constantly drink water throughout the day. In high temperatures, kids should be drinking small amounts of water every 20 to 30 minutes, allowing it to become a natural part of their routine.

Popsicle Psych:

All natural, low-sugar fruit bars are great options for hydrating kids who won’t slow down for anything but a “treat”. Ruby Rockets offers delicious popsicles that are organic, dairy-free and have no added sugar.

Eat Your Water:keep-kids-hydrated-cool-down

Part of establishing good hydration habits is having good eating habits. Some fruits and veggies are mainly composed of water and offer another alternative to getting enough liquids throughout the day. Some of our favorites include cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, celery, and grapefruit.

Fruit Juice & Sports Drinks:

Many juice drink options contain high sugar content, natural or not, and should always be enjoyed in moderation. But if you are struggling to get your child to drink enough water, or he/she is highly active in prolonged physical activity, sports drinks are a replenishment option. Some good alternatives to the popular sugary stuff include, coconut water, chocolate milk, homemade lemonade made with agave nectar, or watermelon water.

Like any routine, it takes time for actions to become a natural habit, so lead by example and start early. Keeping kids hydrated is essential for a healthy, happy, lifestyle!

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