Less Stress, More Celebration: The Best Ways to Travel During the Holidays

Travel blogger Elie Raflowitz of Where to Next shares her top tips for managing holiday travel:

The holidays are a time for friends, family, celebration, and – ugh – hectic commutes. But do they have to be? With so many people traveling during the winter season, plan for better travel. It sounds simple enough, but this is how to actually do it.


Pack Light


Do you really need all that stuff? Probably not. I’ve become a light packer, really only bringing things that I need. I don’t worry about the shampoo or hairdryer because your hotel (or parents) will have it. I bring only the essentials and it makes for less lugging of bags and, by focusing on key things, not as much worrying I could be forgetting something important in the mass of superfluous items. Get the toiletries you are bringing ready ahead of time in a TSA-approved reusable mesh bag (like this one pictured).




Plan Your Visits

Whether you’re going away or heading home for the holidays, map out ahead of time all the people you want to see and prioritize what you want to do, so you don’t find yourself trying to pack everything in on the last day.




Build in Travel Time

Many people leave early for the holidays, so leaving on the day-of may reduce traveltime. But whenever you choose to leave, add in some extra time to make sure you’ll get to where you’re going on time. And, if you’re flying, plan to get there early and enjoy a drink at the bar or a lounge.




Back-Up Tote

I know I started with “pack light,” but, if you’re like me, somehow you always end up with more items than when you arrived. I keep a small, foldable tote in my luggage when traveling so you have extra room should you need it.



HolidayAn Extra Gift

There is always someone you don’t expect to see when visiting friends and family. Keep an extra gift with you should you need something unexpected for a friend or hostess – or just maybe someone you forgot about! (Cool Gear tumblers make for cute gifts everyone can use! 😉)


No matter where your holidays take you this season, enjoy them!

✈️ How else do you like to travel easier? Comment below!


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