Make Your Morning Routine Easier!

As you settle into the New Year, it’s helpful to establish positive habits from the get-go, and sidestep the issue of falling back into old, unhelpful routines. The morning hustle hasn’t gotten any easier, between getting the kiddos packed and ready, feeding the dog (and hubby), and taking five minutes to make yourself look fabulous, there never seems to be enough time pre-8am.

We’re all feeling the side effects of the holidays as we get back into the work-school-life schedule in 2017, so use these helpful tips to make your morning routine easier!

But first, coffee!

If you’re a coffee fiend like us, a good coffee mug goes a long way! Kafe, is a new line of ceramic coffee mugs and stainless steel travel mugs by Cool Gear, with a variety of useful features such as foam and vacuum insulation, silicone sleeves, and autosip™ cap technology. These BPA free travel mugs and coffee cups are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle and daily commute. Grab your coffee, keep it hot, and go!

Make Your Coffee The Night Before

Are you an iced-coffee-year-round-kinda-girl? We got your back with coolgear BRU, an at-home brewing system for cold brewed coffee. Fill your coffee grounds the night before, choose your strength settings, and wake up to fresh, delicious cold brewed coffee. Head to your first class of the day, or that early morning coffee meeting with coffee in hand!

Take the Hassle Out of Meal Prep

No one wants to spend a Sunday prepping food for every meal in the upcoming week – you’ve earned that time to relax and do nothing! Set a more attainable goal – like an easy lunch meal prep: buy the jumbo salad greens container and add all your veggie toppings; mix and store for the week. Then choose one or two proteins to have on hand, i.e. chicken salad or tuna, and have that prepped and ready to go for easy-make sandwiches or salad toppers. Store in a cute container, and you’ll be excited to see the fruits of your labor in the office refrigerator!

OOTD Planning

Whether you’re an all-star mom, busy student, or badass boss lady, there’s little time to focus on getting yourself dressed in the morning, on top of all your other responsibilities; to battle this, lay out your outfit the night before. This may be an old school tip from your childhood, but it’s a good time-saver worth utilizing. Eliminate the “what am I going to wear?” guesswork by having it ready to go ahead of time – simply shower, dress and go!

Stock Up On Healthy Breakfast Options

Don’t fall back to that enticing bagel & cream cheese looming at every corner – have your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy, on-the-go breakfast options like Kind Healthy Grain bars, fresh fruit like bananas or clementines, yogurt, fruit salad, or serve-yourself granola/cereal for the kids.

What’s your favorite morning routine tip?!




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