Make Your Own Fro-Yo Party

make your own fro-yo party

Fridays have always symbolized a “friYAY” feeling after a long week of juggling work, family, and the long list of social commitments. Each half decade symbolizes a new meaning for the phrase #TGIF, allow us to break it down for you. Early twenties signify that drinking starts at 5:01 sharp to plan for a wild night out; mid-twenties shifts to wine on the couch sessions, with Saturday nights being the main event. While your thirties bring along the Friday night exasperation for the Saturday morning scheduled sporting events, practices, and recitals; and late thirties bring you to the “8pm is late” stage. We’ll cut ourselves off here, for fear of digression.

In a gallant effort to appease all of our lovely readers, we’ve created the perfect Saturday night for any stage in the game: Make Your Own Fro-Yo (and wine) party!

  1. Get yo’ toppings, and we mean all
    the fixin’s! Sprinkles, gummy bears,cool gear froyo party
    raspberries, chocolate chips, cookie dough – this is where “over-the-top” is a wonderful thing.
  2. Create or buy your favorite fro-yo flavors! We whipped up an awesome peanut butter banana nice cream recipe that’s perfect for fro-yo night; but if you’re not in the mood to make your own, our taste testers recommend Ben & Jerry’s Blueberry Vanilla Graham froyo!
  3. Buy wine.
  4. Invite! Simply send a photo of all your provisions to your best girl friends and expect immediate RSVPs for a fun {and/or wild} night in!

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